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Emergency Medical Evacuation

(Updated Aug 25, 2011)

SkyMed Emergency Medical Evacuation

Situation: You're far from home and suddenly, you're injured or become critically ill. You want to get home to doctors and hospitals you know and trust -- and to family and friends.

Problem: You're not exactly in a position to do the legwork to find and hire a physician-staffed medical evacuation jet, much less to be sure your home-town hospital has a bed and is ready to receive and treat you. And even if you were, you'd need perhaps $45,000 or more in cash, in advance to pay for the jet before it takes you home.

Solution: SkyMed membership -- which costs as little as $39/month -- takes you home to doctors and hospitals you know and trust when you become critically ill or injured. All you need is one phone call. What else matters?

JMB Members get a special discount from Skymed. Please see the Welcome Letter / Benefits List at to learn more. If you're not a member, learn more by clicking the page curl in the top right corner of this webpage.

To learn about SkyMed, click the link below or visit .



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