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(Updated Dec 9, 2023)
JMB Website Supporters SXM Island Discount / Benefits Program

You'll find info about Everything St. Maarten / St. Martin / "SXM" by clicking the links in the navigation bar to the left. But to get the best deals across the island, check out what JMB Website Supporters offers you:

Now Get About 300

Money-Saving St. Maarten / St. Martin Travel Discounts

Including Low Airfares plus Many Dining, Shopping, & Activities Discounts

Through Membership in Our
JMB Website Supporters Island Discount Program.

Note: This page is for new memberships only.
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What You Get:

Major St. Maarten / St. Martin-Focused, Money-Saving Members-Only Island Discounts & Travel Benefits (bulleted list below):

This is a partial list. We're currently at about 300 discounts.
To see all the categories of discounts and benefits we currently offer, go here

  • MILITARY / FIRST RESPONDER DISCOUNT: Join, renew, or reinstate for only $16.99/year when you pay for four years at inception ($67.96). You must email or fax your DD214 or other military ID (with serial number obliterated) or FIRST RESPONDER ID to us at 508-749-7898 when you sign up by check, phone, or using PayPal (payment payable to jeff[at] PLUS you become an instant Platinum Status member! See page bottom to join now with a military membership.



  • Restaurant Discounts at dozens of restaurants across the island, some including a free bottle of wine or glass of beer or wine. Among them: Pineapple Pete, Spiga, Topper's Restaurant and Bar, Skipjack's, IZI, Vesna Taverna, and many other restaurants across the island. [Offers vary by restaurant.]

  • FREE ADS TO SELL OR RENT OUT YOUR TIMESHARE, VILLA, OR CONDO ON OUR SITE: Sell or rent out up to 10 weeks you own in SXM or anywhere worldwide per 12-month period. Many owners in the past have sold or rented out their units in just a few weeks. Ads are free for members and there are NO COMMISSIONS.  You can order highlighting to make your ad stand out. See ads here.  You can also advertise weeks you've already banked with II or RCI -- no incremental charge.

  • DEEP-SEA FISHING DISCOUNTS with an experienced Dutch Side Captain.

  • DISCOUNTS ON PUB CRAWLS AND TINTAMARRE CRUISES on Capt. Neil Roebert's Enigma catamaran.
  • HEAVILY DISCOUNTED EMERGENCY MEDICAL EVACUATION PROTECTION through SkyMed International, the program that guarantees to "take you home." Should you become critically ill or injured and require an emergency air ambulance home, the cost is usually over $55,000. Our members get about $1000 off SkyMed Ultimate 5-year plans as well as discounts on their other multiyear plans. Much more on SkyMed is on our members-only Secret Website. SkyMed offers emergency travel home from anywhere in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Cuba: short money for great peace-of-mind.

  • MEMBERSHIP REFERRAL BONUS gives you a free one-year extension of your JMB membership once you refer just one individual to us who joins and mentions you. Get one free year of membership for every new paid membership you refer.

  • MANY MORE MEMBERS-ONLY BENEFITS: You'll receive complete details when you join. To see a partial list now, scroll to the bottom of this page. 

Sign up by PayPal, check, or phone...

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MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION PRICES: the longer the membership, the lower the yearly cost.

  • Online via PayPal, an eBay unit with hundreds of millions of members; is the world standard for online payments.  Most new members join this way. Note: if you join by PayPal, PayPal will acknowledge your payment immediately, but it takes us a few days (several days during promotions) to email you your username. Enrollment during sales may take five business days (or more) to complete. Links are below.
  • Regardless of how you join, you MUST give us your name, street address, daytime and evening phone number, and email address for us to launch your membership. Most member communications are by email/web, but we may (rarely) need to phone you to verify sign-up information. Please check your sign-up info for accuracy. If we don't have accurate info, we can't get your membership started properly.
  • Important Once you're enrolled in JMB Website Supporters, you'll receive an email from Membership Services with your username and password, enabling you to login to our Secret Website where you'll find complete information on all benefits. You can easily select the benefits you want to use and print vouchers for them. You'll also receive your JMB Website Supporters Membership Card, which you will need to keep with you in St. Maarten. The email may come from wither or (with "@" replacing the word AT in the email), so PLEASE ADD THESE EMAIL ADDRESSES TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSBOOK.




JOIN FOR THREE YEARS BY PAYPAL for just $109  Click the button to sign up. But see next item -- it's our best offer!


5 yrs, $139



Our secure automated system feeds your signup information to our Membership Services organization for priority processing, which takes 1-3 business days except during sale periods, when it can take a week or more. Phone calls are usually answered by an automated system, so please give us all the information as soon as you hear the "beep."Please repeat both your email address and your phone number and spell your name when leaving the info so your signup is not delayed by any static on the line.

Phone: 508-591-3483 (NEW NUMBER)  (Membership Services, 24 hours; leave a message if a human doesn't answer)
We need the following PLEASE Spell your name, street, town.

* Your name as it appears on the bills of the credit card you are using

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* Your email address

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* Specify which subscription term you want (PayPal pricing, above).

Rest assured that our phone is secure with access by authorized Membership Services management personnel only.


Send the above info to our secure fax line at 508-749-7898.


Send a check (US dollar checks drawn on US banks only) for $59--or more if you want to join for more than one year -- (same prices as PayPal, above)

Mail to / Payable to: JMB Communications, P. O. Box 1812, Plymouth, Massachusetts 02362-1812 USA.

(Sorry, NO Canadian checks; Canadians please see above and use PayPal or phone or fax us.)

Include your name, address, email address, and daytime and evening phone number. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY. We'll email an acknowledgment. Checks usually take up to two weeks to process.

You will find our Privacy Policy and Credit Card Return / Refund Policy at the bottom of our gray Navigation Bar, to the left.



Join as a new Military Member or upgrade your current membership to military. All military memberships become Platinum Status JMB memberships upon enrollment, and stay that way as long as your membership remains in force. The only term offered is four years for $67.96 total ($16.99/year, the lowest rate we ever charge anyone). Your DD214 is required to process any initiation of a military membership. US vets only. To buy now, click the PayPal Buy Now button, then email your DD214 (with the serial number scratched out) to support[at] Please include your email address, name, and full residence address.


Attention Users of Spam Prevention Programs: Hotmail and various spam prevention programs reply to JMB mailings and ask us to take certain actions for our mail to be accepted by your mail program. With now over 386,000 readers of our various newsletters (free and paid), we do not have the time or the staff to answer such requests. Therefore, to ensure that you receive all our mailings, please enter the following email addresses into your programs as "acceptable" addresses. Please note that the address you enter should contain no spaces within it. We added spaces here to prevent email address harvesting programs from gathering and using the following addresses:  Jeff1620; tracy; susank; support; and jeff

    Got a Spare $55,000? If not...

    JMB Strongly Recommends

    SkyMed Emergency Medical Evacuation Membership...

    Getting an Emergency Medical Evacuation jet home can save your life. But you must pay upwards of $55,000 in cash, in advance for such a physician-staffed business jet.  With SkyMed, you pay only a small membership fee. When you're critically ill or injured far from home, getting back home to doctors and hospitals you know and trust is what matters most. Look into it today BUT CALL US TO GET QUESTIONS ANSWERED & SIGN UP at 508-591-3483

Updated Contact Information for Everything SXM / JMB Communications / JMB Website Supporters Membership Services and SkyMed Sales (Updated 3/14/2022):

Because of volume, email is not the best way to reach us. Here’s what’s best: First, a Suggestion: Get the free WhatsApp app. It lets you make free phone calls (including video calls) worldwide and send free texts, all for zero cost. It is very widely used around the world.

  1. SkyMed – Answers to Questions or to Sign Up by Phone: If you’re interested in learning more about SkyMed, contact Jeff Berger at Leave your phone number and time zone and he’ll return your call. SkyMed is sold only to Americans,  Canadians, and xPats. If you prefer, phone Jeff at 508-591-3483 and leave a message;  that is a NEW NUMBER. (Our old numbers were knocked out by the recent Cape Cod storm and are still funky.)
  2. JMB Membership Questions/Issues -- JMB Website Supporters: Use WhatsApp to send questions to Membership Services; use Jeff Berger’s WhatsApp phone number, 721-588-4188, but call or TEXT (texting is preferred) from within the WhatsApp application ONLY. Membership Services at our headquarters in Massachusetts handles all these calls. INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL, since all responses are made by email. Or just EMAIL US at

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