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Welcome Members of SXM or Bust - TTOL - and Pirates of SXM

(Updated Jan 20, 2015)
Welcome Members of SXM or Bust - TTOL - and Pirates of SXM

Welcome Members of SXM Or Bust, TTOL, and Pirates of SXM!

January 20, 2015


JMB Website Supporters now delivers more than 215 discounts across the island for dining, activities, souvenir shopping, jewelry shopping, hotels, car rentals, massages, and much more. Plus, there are benefits like free ads to sell or rent out timeshares you own in SXM or elsewhere.


For members of SOB, TTOL, and Pirates only, we're offering one-year new memberships for $39 for a limited time only: This offer will end on February 15, 2015. That price is not available otherwise.


Want a membership for longer? You can get low-priced memberships at a lower cost per year right here:


Details on What You Get: This page has much more detail on what you get, but it does not include the $39 one-year SOB offer:


To get the one year membership for $39, click this PayPal button:


How This Works: You will receive an immediate acknowledgement from PayPal, but our enrollment process will take 48-72 hours weekdays. Once you're enrolled, we'll give you passworded access to our "Secret" members-only website where you get complete info on every benefit/discount. Membership Services is available at support [at]





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