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Secret Site Access Information

(Updated Sep 20, 2011)

Secret Site Access Information

To log in to the secret site, do this:

1) Login: Visit and click the "login" link in the orange medallion just below the masthead. Your username is the complete email address to which JMB Website Supporters sends members-only emails. 

2) Forgot / Change Password: If you don't recall your password or want to change it, click the "forgot/change password" link in the orange medallion just below the masthead at  That helps you recover or change your password.

3) Site Access: Occasionally, some members -- especially AOL and Hotmail users, but sometimes others  -- will still have difficulty accessing the site using their correct username/password. When this happens, the reason is usually that you're viewing a version of the site that has been stored ("cached") on your system, which is not our live site. Solution: clear the "cache" or stored info in your browser. In Mozilla Firefox, click "Tools" and "Clear Recent History." In Internet Explorer, click Tools, Internet Options, Delete Browsing History (unfortunately that deletes stored passwords too). In Google Chrome, click the wrench (far right, masthead), Tools, Clear Browsing Data.

4) If you do all these things and still can't get in, you're one very rare bird. Email JMB Website Supporters at accounts (at) and we will help you. Just change (at) to the "at" sign used in all email addresses and remove the spaces before and after @.

Posted 9/20/2011  

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