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How To Bring a Dog Into St. Maarten / St. Martin

(Updated Dec 9, 2016)
Thanks to Jeff Sochrin for supplying this information.

St. Maarten (both sides) require an import permit in advance.  This permit is issued by the Dutch since that
is where the airport is located. You can download a copy of the permit from the link at the bottom of this
article.  It applies to all animals (service dogs, ESA and others ARE NOT exempt). The form was current
at the time we posted it.
Generally speaking, the animal must be microchipped and this must be displayed on the
International Health Certificate.

Step 1:  Go to your local vet and have them complete an USDA international health certificate, including
the chip #.

Step 2:  Have this endorsed by the USDA vet.  This has to be recent (see the requirements, I think its less
than 10 days before travel).

Note:  Make sure the rabies vaccine is current.  It must be older than 30 days before travel but not older
than one year.  Be sure distemper and parvo are also up to date.  Be sure to check timings and dates.

After you have all of this, complete the application to request an import permit from St. Maarten.  This
can be completed and applied for by email.  It generally takes 4 -5 days.  Airlines will NOT let the
animal board without this permit.  I have seen first hand people being turned away in NY and MIA.
Send the email to:
Minvera Jones -- and follow up until you receive a reply; she's a busy lady.

Upon arrival, within 24 hours, you must visit the local vet who will prepare a final arrival report which
also needs to be shared with the government electronically.
St. Maarten is rabies free and they are trying to keep it that way.

Download the SXM Import Permit Form:


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