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(Updated Mar 20, 2023)

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2023 Editions Periodically updated; most recent issues first. To see SXM Weekly News when it is first issued, subscribe free here.)


V4_1387Mar132023: Anguilla Boating Accident Claims Two Lives; Why Water Problems Persist on the French Side; New Hotel at Cay Hill Construction Date Set; Cannabis May Become Legal on the Dutch Side; FEATURE ARTICLE: More on What's Happening With Dutch Side Vervet Monkeys -- And Why; Sargassum Seaweed Temporarily Visits SXM's West Side; Flights Briefly Diverted Thanks to Rare Westerly Winds; JetBlue's Near Miss in Boston; US Justice Dept. Sues to Stop JetBlue/Spirit Merger; JetBlue Starts Flights from JFK to CDG -- AMS is Next (& Why It Matters); Court Says FAA Can NOT Tell Airlines How Wide to Make Seats [Issue #1387 - 51 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1386Mar62023: SXM Expected to Stay Busy in Spring, Summer; Heineken Regatta Concludes as SXM Festival Begins; Project to "Cull" Dutch Side Monkey Population Begins, Despite Huge Opposition; The Saga of KLM Flight 729; Hyatt is On SXM; Deep-Sea Fishing; Best Massages; Make-your-own Perfume at Tijon, French Side; Very Different Neighboring Islands [Issue #1386 - 46 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1385Feb272023: Breaking News: KLM Airliner Suffers Nose Wheel Turning Malfunction Upon Landing in SXM; Huge US Storms Cause Thousands of Flight Cancellations; Celebrity Reflection Makes a U-Turn; St. Maarten Heineken Regatta is This Week; "SXM Festival" of Electronic Music Starts Next Week; 11,111,111 Reasons to Love SXM; New "Amore" is Restaurant of the Week; Planet Hollywood; Mullet Bay Development; Minor Quake Shakes Things Up [Issue #1385 - 47 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1384Feb202023: JFK Terminal One Power Outage; Winair Expanding Services; Delta; How to Get Five Years Free Membership in Our SXM Island Discount Program; $100 SXM Jewelry Gift Card Inside; Heineken Regatta; Amore Restaurant Opening; La Rosa Restaurant; Where to Buy Guavaberry Rhum, SXM's National Drink; Huge Sub Sandwiches & More; The Best Genuine SXM Beach Bar; World's Smallest Bar; RESTAURANT SPECIAL EDITION [Issue #1384 - 45 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1383Feb132023: JetBlue / Spirit Merger; AA / Delta Near Miss at JFK; Southwest's Meltdown; Possible WestJet Strike; Jimbo's NOLA; Bamboo House; New Italian Restaurant in Simpson bay; Dutch Royals Visit SXM; Minor Brush Fire at Rainforest Adventures; [Issue #1383 - 45 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1382Feb62023: Jimbo's New "NOLA" Restaurant Begins Soft Opening; Cleanup (?) Begins at District 721 Fire Scene; All-New 2023 SXM Roadmap Published by Kasprowski Publishers; Tom Ford Arrives; 1/29 Dutch-Side-Wide Blackout; Sargassum Seaweed Update; Get Your $100 Gift Card from Caribbean Gems; Many People Switching '23 Summer Vacations From Cape Cod or the Jersey Shore to SXM; Helping You to Avoid Medical Bankruptcy [Issue #1382 - 45 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1381Jan302023: Fire Destroys District 721 Bar/Restaurant; National Heritage / Freedom from Slavery Site Bulldozed; Hurricane Hunters Head West; Immigration, Residency How-To's for Those Buying Condos in SXM; Steel Drum Orchestra Music; Where to Find & Photograph Wild Monkeys; Ambulances; Sargassum; Caribbean Multihull Challenge [Issue #1381 - 46 Top
SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1380Jan232023: Mullet Bay Redevelopment; Fixing (?) Philipsburg's Problems; Why Widening the Drawbridge Yacht Channel May Hurt Tourism; Untangling Simpson Bay Traffic; Record One-Day Cruise Tourism; A Gemstones-Buying Primer; Air France "Touch and Go"; Avoiding Medical Bankruptcy [Issue #1380 - 45 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1379Jan162023: DELTA to the Rescue for SXM After FAA Computer Glitch Snarls Air Traffic; Fewer Hurricanes Possible, but...; 90+ to Attend our SkyMed Member Appreciation Luncheon in SXM This Week; The Billionaire Who Wants Mullet Bay Beach Resort Back; Mullet Bay Towers Still Stuck in Neutral; Megayacht Sideswipes Drawbridge Control Booth (Again); King & Queen Coming; NOLA is Coming; Repaving [Issue #1379 - 45 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1378Jan92023: SXM Airport on Saturdays; Download Your $100 Gift Certificate from Caribbean Gems (See Sec. 3 of our Full Table of Contents); Registration Now Closed for Our Jan. 20 SkyMed Member Appreciation Luncheon in SXM; Megayachts & Private Jets Converging on SXM; Al Dente Closes; Puppies Need Your Help to Get to their New Forever Homes in USA & Canada; "Mardis de Grand Case" Returns 1/31


2022 Editions (Periodically updated; most recent issues first. To see SXM Weekly News when it is first issued, subscribe free here.)


V4_1377Dec262022: Winter Weather Alters SXM Flights Home; JetBlue & Peacock; Carnival Cruises New York to SXM in '24; A Dozen New Dutch Side Restaurants; Mullet Bay Trenches; The Lowdown on Life in Paradise; New Year's Eve Reservations Essential; 2023 Hurricane Names

V4_1376Dec192022: Airport Reconstruction - Why It's Taking So Long & When It Will Start to Reopen; Preclearance; US Storms Expected to Play Havoc with Travel This Week; Tourist Breaks Leg While Watching Waves at Maho Beach; Jeff Interviews JIMBO About Jimbo's New Restaurant, NOLA; New Restaurants About to Open on Cheri's Site; How to Get Great Last-Minute Gifts Overnight from SXM; About The Looming Fate of SXM's Vervet Monkeys

V4_1375Dec122022: Delta Pilots Close in on New Contract; SXM Villa Vacation Giveaway Winner; How to Be a Finalist in Our Next SXM Vacation Giveaway; Twin 13-Story Condo Towers Coming to Cupecoy in Aqua Project; SXM's Second Adonis Hotel Coming to Anse Marcel (Perhaps); Desmond Culbert Opens His Fourth SXM Restaurant

V4_1374Dec52022: Villa Vacation Giveaway Happens This Morning; Black Friday Sale Ends Wednesday 12/7; You're Invited to Our SkyMed Luncheon in SXM January 20; Hilton Vacation Club; El Zafiro Deposits; Alegria/Morgan Loses in Court Again; Quad Accident Injures Tourists; Pinel Restaurants Get a New Lease on Life; Sunken Boat Cleanup Finishes

V4_1373Nov282022: Update on Pilots' Unions' Negotiations with Four Major US Airlines; Six Cruise Ships Bring 15,000 Passengers to P-Burg -- 90+ Ships Coming in December; Hurricane Season Ends; Some Rentals Available for December, Many for '23; "Jollification" in Philipsburg; Unique Christmas Music; Sushi Stops at Pineapple Pete This Week; LAST CALL FOR ENTRIES - Villa Kimon Vacation Giveaway Drawing Set Dec. 5; Entries MUST END THIS WEDNESDAY 11/30

V4_1372Nov212022: Where to Celebrate Thanksgiving on SXM; Bamboo House; El Zafiro; Royal Palm; RN7; Hotels; Redevelopment of Cheri's; Winair Expansion; Major Dutch Side Restaurant for Sale; Come to Our January 20 SkyMed Luncheon

V4_1371Nov142022: Full Airport Reopening Delayed Another 7 Months; AA, UA Pilots Reject Contract Proposals; Delta Pilots Take Strike Vote; Major New Hotel/Waterpark for Cruise Area; Front Street Infrastructure Issues; Last Week's Street Flooding in "Usual Spots"; Marco Ferrante Leaves Isola; "Hot Chocolate" From Cheri's Cafe is Back; Tom Ford's Vision Comes to SXM

V4_1370Nov72022: AA, DL, UA Pilots Want New Contracts -- & DL Pilots Take Strike Vote; USD$250-Million Luxury Hotel Coming to Indigo Bay; Culinary Events Happening Across SXM Through November; iZi Ristorante Italiano is SXM's #1 Restaurant of Any Kind, TripAdvisor Says; November, December Bookings Surging; New Restaurants Coming by Year's End

V4_1369Oct312022: EHAS Ends Tomorrow, 11/1 - But What Comes Next?; Last Loving Look at our Guide to Entry Reqts; ABSOLUTE LAST CALL - JMB Website Supporters SXM Discount Pgm Price Increase Happens 11/3; El Zafiro Auction; The Big St. Maarten Flavors Culinary Event; Toppers Dinner Theater Returns

V4_1368Oct242022: BULLETIN: EHAS DISAPPEARS EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 1; Spirit Airlines Shareholders OK Merger With jetBlue -- Regulators Get it Next; Why Airfares are Through the Roof; Mardis de Grand Case / Harmony Nights Returns January 31; Ritz Carleton Superyacht Home-Porting in SXM; About That Beautiful Tropical Snowstorm Happening Now in SXM; Make Your SXM Thanksgiving Dinner Reservations NOW; LAST CALL Beat the JMB Website Supporters SXM Discount Program 11/1 Price Increase

V4_1367Oct172022: EHAS Changes; 737 MAX Issues; Busy Season Coming, Reserve Accommodations NOW; Major Positive Changes Coming to SXM's Restaurant Scene; THE Place for Coffeeholics; Your Pre-Invitation to Our January 20 SkyMed Luncheon; Huge SkyMed Extra-Weeks Bonuses Must End 12/31 - Get SkyMed Medevac Protection NOW; LAST CALL COMING / Beat the JMB Website Supporters SXM Discount Program 11/1 Price Increase

V4_1366Oct102022: Entry Requirements Change October 15; El Zafiro Boutique Hotel is Shuttered; A Possible Change in This Hurricane Season; Thoughts on Whether US Moves Toward Marijuana Legalization May Resonate in SXM; Sargassum Seaweed Likelihood Drops to "Low"; Huge SkyMed Extra-Weeks Bonuses Must End 12/31 - Get SkyMed Medevac Protection Now; Last Call TODAY for Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers; Beat The November 1 Price Increase for JMB Memberships & Renewals

V4_1365Oct32022: Weather; Restaurant Reopenings; Holiday Shopping; Cultural Tours; Functions; Food Allergies; Thanksgiving; New Vacation Giveaway; Dozens of New Condos Posted for Rent or Sale; Huge SkyMed Extra-Weeks Bonuses Must End 12/31 - Get SkyMed Medevac Protection Now; Last Call 10/10 for New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers; Beat The October 15 Price Increase for JMB Memberships & Renewals

V4_1364Sep122022: New Two-Vacation Giveaway; Why You Should Keep an Eye on Your Flight Schedule; What's Happening With the '22 Hurricane Season - and Why; GEBE Hot Mess Gets Hotter & Messier; SXM Airport Departure Hall To Get Bigger, with New Dining Options; The New Caribbean Guilder; Huge SkyMed Extra-Weeks Bonuses Must End 12/31 - Get SkyMed Medevac Protection Now; Last Call Coming for Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers; Beat The October 1 Price Increase for JMB Memberships & Renewals

V4_1363Sep5_62022: J W Marriott Resort Coming to SXM; The "Why" and "What's Next" of Surging Complaint Numbers Against Airlines; Dollar Surges Against Euro; Announcing a New Two-SXM Vacation Giveaway -- You are Eligible to Enter & Win; Flights Disappearing at Regional Airports; Huge SkyMed Bonuses Must End 12/31 - Get SkyMed Medevac Protection Now; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You

V4_1362Aug292022: Air Caraiibes Suspends Orly Nonstops; Important Weather Update; Shocker Aboard a Cruise Ship; Dollar/Euro Parity; GEBE; Gendarmes Foil Robbers; Gas Prices; Protecting Your Stuff on Beaches; SXM Mystery Tours Coming; Huge SkyMed Bonuses Must End 12/31 - Get SkyMed Medevac Protection Now; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You

V4_1361Aug222022: Here Are the Winners of Our 6-SXM Vacation Giveaways; Jet Blue Cancels Numerous Flights from Ft. Lauderdale & Newark; All Three Metro New York Airports Face Flight Reductions Dictated by Inadequate FAA Staffing; AA Cancels Thousands of November Flights; AA, Pilots in Contract Negotiations; Forget the Nonsense You're Hearing About No More Boarding Passes; SXM Airport Awards Contract for Jetways, Other Equipment; Huge SkyMed Bonuses Must End 12/31 - Get SkyMed Medevac Protection Now; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You

V4_1360Aug152022: LAST DAY FOR ENTRIES in Our 6-Vacation Giveaway; Passport Processing Gets a Bit Faster; SXM Stays Busy as Low Season Begins; SXM Airport Gets Cool, Man; What's Ahead for the Former Cheri's Restaurant Property; $100 Gift Card Mailing Coming This Week for JMB Website Supporters Island Discount Program Members; Restaurant of the Week Won't Do a Seasonal Closure; Huge SkyMed Bonuses Must End 12/31 - Get SkyMed Medevac Protection Now; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You

V4_1358Aug12022: JetBlue Acquiring Spirit Air -- Plus What It Means to Both Airlines and To You; Six-Vacation Giveaway is August 22 & Entries Close Aug. 15 (Enter Now); Airport Update; Seaweed Update; What Smart Shoppers Are Doing Right Now; Huge SkyMed Summer Sale Now Underway But Bonus Free Weeks Will End This Year; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You (Sorry about issue numbers here...)

V4_1359Aug82022: Non-Weather Cancellations Easing; Busy Year Ahead, Make Reservations Quickly; LAST CALL FOR ENTRIES in Our 6-Vacation Giveaway; Sargassum; Junk Car Removal; Restaurant Seasonal Closures Listings; Gift Card Mailing Coming This Week for JMB Website Supporters Island Discount Program Members; Huge SkyMed Sale Now Underway; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You (Sorry about issue numbers here)

V4_1357July252022: SXM To Give Automated Preapproval To Vaccinated Visitors Starting August 1; Anguilla Entry Requirements Easing; Hilton Grand Vacations Coming to Royal Palm & Flamingo Starting in Q3; WestJet Strike Looms at Two Airports; Raising Pilot's Retirement Age to 67 Eyed as Possible Pilot Shortage Solution; Club Orient's Rebuilding Status; New Caribbean Guilder Coming January 1 '24; Huge SkyMed Summer Sale Now Underway; Time Is Running Out --- How to Enter Our Six-Vacation Giveaway; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You

2022Jul18SXMWNIB: July 18 SXM Weekly News in Brief

V4_1355July112022: Lagoon Causeway Bridge Now Back in Operation; EHAS To Give Immediate Approval to Vaccinated Individuals Effective 8/1; Bastille Day July 14; Tropical Developments; JMB Members Island Parties Expected to Resume This Fall; When to Buy Flight Tickets; Looking More Closely at SXM Special Edition; SXM's Best Beaches, Jewelers, & Restaurants; Where to Eat Dessert First; Why Have Pizza in SXM; Weddings/Vow Renewals; Huge SkyMed Summer Sale Now Underway; Time Is Running Out --- How to Enter Our Six-Vacation Giveaway; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You

V4_1354July52022: Lagoon Causeway Stuck Open; Entry Requirements Change August 1; DL, AA Cut Flights to Slow Cancellations; All About the Airbus A220; Where to Get Help With Airline Problems; Why Ethiad's US Preclearance Matters; Airport's Covid Testing Center Closes; Bold Buddha Opens on the Boardwalk; Big New Lucky Shopping Center Opens; Dollar and Euro Stay Near Par; Huge SkyMed Summer Sale Now Underway; How to Enter Our Six-Vacation Giveaway; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You [Issue #1354 -- 48 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1353June272022: Another Mild Earthquake Off Anguilla; Unhappy Southwest Pilots Express Grievances in Texas; Both Pinel Restaurants May be Forced to Close After December; Winter-Size Crowds at Maho; Late-Night Robbery in Grand Case; Marco Ferrante of Isola Brings GLUTEN-FREE Pizza to SXM; Huge SkyMed Summer Sale Now Underway; How to Enter Our Six-Vacation Giveaway; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You [Issue #1353 -- 46 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1352June202022: Earthquake; Flight Cancellations in the US; Saharan Dust; "Sol" Energy Makes News; Sea Turtle Nests; Many Tourists Loving Military Exercises on SXM Beaches; New Restaurants; Best Picnic Lunches; Huge SkyMed Summer Sale Now Underway; How to Enter Our Six- Vacation Giveaway; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You [Issue #1352 -- 44 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1351June132022: SPECIAL EDITION - 30TH ANNIVERSARY -- YOUR SUMMER VACATION IN SXM; US No Longer Requires Negative Covid Tests When You Fly Home; Best Beaches for Kids; Best Places to Stay; Special Things to Do on SXM With Friends; Hiring a Driver; Hiring a Personal Chef; (Many Stories Related to your Summer Vacation on SXM); Huge SkyMed Summer Sale Now Underway; Make Your Own Perfume; How to Enter Our Six-Vacation Giveaway; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You; Message to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1351 -- 50 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1350June62022: High/Low Airfares; Copa Airlines Returns & Why it Matters; Hurricane Alex; Front Street Traffic Disruptions Today (Funeral); Causeway Bridge Temporarily Closed to MARINE Traffic; French Side Boat Wrecks Finally Going Away; Huge SkyMed Summer Sale Now Underway; Make Your Own Perfume; How to Enter Our Six-Vacation Giveaway; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You; Message to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1350 -- 44 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1349May302022: Fire Scare at Flamingo Building 4, but No Injuries; SXM In "World's Best Destinations"; Now It's Delta & Others Canceling Thousands of Flights; About "Noise"; Huge SkyMed Summer Sale Now Underway; How to Enter Our Six-Vacation Giveaway; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You; Message to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1349 -- 44 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1348May232022: Power / Water Outage on French Side; Condo Project on Little Bay (?); AA Cancels its Flight to SXM from LGA Last Saturday (not AA's fault); U. S. Passport / Global Entry Renewals Getting Faster; Seaweed; Saharan Dust; Bamboo House; Vesna Taverna; How to Enter Our Six-Vacation Giveaway; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers for You; Message to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1348 -- 48 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1347May162022: SXM Airport Says "Masks Voluntary"; J. D. Power Says Southwest& JetBlue are Tops; Why SXM Airport's Refinancing Matters to US Tourists; Megayachts Heading Out; First Tropical Wave; Breeze Airways; Important News for US SXM Condo Buyers; Dollar & Euro Near Parity; Another Small Quake in St. Barth; Enter Our Six-Vacation Giveaway; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers; Message to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1347 -- 48 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1346May92022: Minor Earthquake; Busy Summer Still in the Offing; High Fares Often Don't Stay High; IZI Ristorante Italiano; Jai's Creative Fusion Cuisine; Enter Our Six-Vacation Giveaway; Two New SXM Euro-Oval Car Stickers; Message to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1346 -- 39 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1345May22022: Delta Airlines; jetBlue (two stories); KLM; See Our "Guide to Entry Requirements"; Huge Carnival Parade 5/1; Both Restaurants on Pinel Island May be Forced to Close; Westin, Club Orient In Same Slow Boat; Jimbo's New Restaurant, Jason's, Coming In the Next "Few Months"; Why Covid Insurance Payouts Are So Slow; Media Leaders Speak Out on New Dutch Side Media Accreditation Rules; Message to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1345 -- 40 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1344April252022: Condo & New Restaurants Special Edition; Mediterraneen, Bamboo, Bovin, Emilio's, Mario's, Spiga, IZI, and More; The Real Reason DOJ is Appealing the Court Ruling Against the Mask Mandate; Immuno-Compromised, Young Children at Greater Risk Due to Mask Mandate Decision; Seeing Rising Covid Numbers, CDC Urges Continued Use of Masks; See Our "Guide to Entry Requirements"; Message to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1344 -- 42 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1343April182022: Rob Lightbown Issues His '22 Hurricane Season Prediction; Using Our"Guide to Entry Reqts / Returning to US Reqts"; Why "Normalization" May Not Happen All That Quickly; Mask Reqts for US Airlines Stays Put, for Now; Christopher Elliott on the Proposed jetBlue / Spirit Merger; Small Plane Crashes on Landing in St. Barth, but No One Reported Injured; Author Russell Clark's Latest SXM Novel; Airfares Continue Rising as Demand Soars; Lots of Reasons an SXM Summer Vacation Is a Better Choice Than Where You're Thinking of Going; Letter to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1343 -- 37 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1342April112022: Guide to Entry / Return to US Requirements Updated; Changes to US Return Home Requirements May Not Come as Quickly As You Think; Hundreds of New Rentals Available for 2022 & 2023; En Vogue Boutique; Yielding to Iguanas; Dealing With Lost Items; Parasailing; Kite Surfing; Jewelry Shopping; Photographing Wildlife; Letter to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1342 -- 37 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1341March28-April42022: SXM WEEKLY NEWS THIRTIETH ANNIVERSARY DOUBLE ISSUE Airline Cancellations; jetBlue Stops FLLSXM Flights; US Customs & Border Patrol Preclearance; Planet Hollywood; Westin Announcement; Villa Daffodil; Mama Pizza; Time for You to Get Married Again; Enter Our Six-Vacation Giveaway; Letter to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1341 -- 44 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1340March212022: Mask Mandates are History in Most Places; World's Largest Cruise Ship Visits; Great News for Canadians Returning Home; Important Message to Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger; Monkey Madness; Assertive Donkeys; When to Buy Tickets for Next Winter; Enter Our All-New Six-Vacation Giveaway [Issue #1340 -- 43 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1339March142022: Frontier/Spirit Merger SXM Effects; Rising Jet Fuel Prices; 12th Annual SXM Awards of Excellence Winners; Tijon; Bankie Banx 32nd Annual Moonsplash Reggae Festival; Russian Superyachts Vamoose In a Hurry; Letter to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1339 -- 43 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1338March72022: Heineken Regatta; WestJet to Buy Sunwing; Planet Hollywood; Westin; Emilio's; Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins - Watch Out for Nests; Letter to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1338 -- 42 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1337Feb282022: Heineken Regatta Taking Over; Future of Westin St. Maarten Resort & Casino About to Be Announced (early details); Dutch Side Closing Time Now 3am; Entry Requirements Changes Appear Likely; Preclearance; French Side Homeowners Issues Finally Getting Attention; Front Street; Toppers Rhum "Best in Caribbean"; La Patrona; Letter to SXM Weekly News Readers from Jeff Berger [Issue #1337 -- 37 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1336Feb212022: Planet Hollywood; Airport Update, Part 2; "Normalization"; Vacation Rentals Expanded; Restaurant Updates (Two Stories); Dutch Marines; Reservations; Lobster; Up to 22 Weeks of Free Medevac Protection from SkyMed With Certain Purchases [Issue #1336 -- 43 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1335Feb14022: Ultra-low Fares; Three New Restaurants; Future Hotels; Oceans Resort; Simpson Bay Bridge To Go Bye-Bye; Bar/Restaurant Closings Now 1am; How to Enter Our 6-Vacation Giveaway [Issue #1335 -- 40 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1334Feb7022: The Future of SXM Airport -- Exclusive Interview With Airport CEO Brian Mingo; Westin Redevelopment May Finally be Imminent; "Hotel Beach Plaza" In Marigot In Major USD $40-million Restoration Project; Same Shark that Killed a French Tourist About 300 Feet from Orient Beach in Nov. '20 Also Attacked Another Woman in Nevis, DNA Results Show; More Than 139 Sunken Boats Removed from Lagoon & Mullet Pond; French/Dutch Border Dispute to be Decided This Year [Issue #1334 -- 35 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1333Jan312022: The Blizzard; False Story Circulating About US Entry Reqts.; French Government Auctions Off Privately Owned French side Property (Our Full Overview); Caribbean Multihull Challenge; SkipJacks; What SkyMed Actually Does & Why It's Indispensable for Travel [Issue #1333 -- 35 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1332Jan242022: Airport Update; Kids Entry Requirements Change; About 5G Near US Airports; United Airlines (Two Stories); Front Street Repair Update; SkipJacks; What SkyMed Actually Does; Emilio's; Partiers In The Road; Our SXM Awards of Excellence [Issue #1332 -- 39 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1331Jan172022: Air Traffic Controllers Briefly Snarl Saturday Traffic; Omicron Causes Some Cruise Lines to Cancel Port Visits; Govt. Looking Closely at Preclearance; Simpson Bay Resort; Oyster Bay Beach Resort; Divi Little Bay Beach Resort; [Issue #1331 -- 39 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1330Jan102022: Online Passport Renewals; CDC Makes Good Changes; Front Street Repair Progress; Flight Schedules & Snowstorms; Anguilla Ferries are Back; OPCs; SIX Vacation Giveaway -- Complete List of Prizes; [Issue #1330 -- 40 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1329Jan32022: Entry Requirements Updates; Important Info on The Cost of Quarantining; News from the CDC (Two Stories); News Coming About The Short= and Long-Term Future of SXM Airport; Air Caraiibes Airbus A330 Suffers Compressor Stall After Takeoff; Only $1.64/day for Annual or Multiyear SkyMed Medevac Protection; SIX Vacation Giveaway -- Complete List of Prizes; [Issue #1329 -- 40 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

NO ISSUE #1328


2021 Editions (Frequently updated; most recent issues first. To see SXM Weekly News when it is first issued, subscribe free here.)


V4_1327Dec272021: Entry Requirements Change 1/1/22: "Booster" Vaccine Recipients Still Require NO Testing; ABSOLUTE LAST CALL For Ultra-Low SkyMed SALE PRICING (FINAL 5 days to Beat The Price Increase); SIX Vacation Giveaway Open for Entries -- Complete List of Prizes; [Issue #1327 -- 37 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

: Five-Vacation Giveaway Open for Entries; LAST CALL For Ultra-Low SkyMed SALE PRICING; Delta Tops in Customer Service (AA and AC are Last); One of The Year's Busiest Weeks is Right Now; Invasion of the Billionaire Boats & Planes; Unexpected Facts About Vacationers; Movie Being Filmed Here; [Issue #1326 -- 40 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1325Dec132021: '22 Hurricane Season Predictions; Slight Quake; SXM Five-Vacation Giveaway Coming; GEBE Strikes Again; Changes on Front Street; LAST CALL For Ultra-Low SkyMed SALE PRICING; Port is Twice as Busy as Expected [Issue #1325 -- 35 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1324Dec62021: The New US Testing Requirement for Returning International Travelers; Mullet Bay Redevelopment; The Sands Hotel (Vegas) Mystery Jets; Towers at Mullet Bay; Caravanserai; Restaurant Reservations; Front Street & The Boardwalk; Emilio's; SkyMed's Huge Sale Ends Soon [Issue #1324 -- 34 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1323Nov292021: ***Black Friday Sale Continues*** for Our Island Discount Program; Easier & Easier to visit SXM -- Download The Free NEW "Guide to Entry Requirements"; Award-Winning Simpson Bay Restaurant For Sale; A Different "Restaurant of the Week"; Coffee; Ziplines; Parking; Hundreds of Timeshare Condos Give You Places to Stay This Year & Next; French Side Update [Issue #1323 -- 34 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1322Nov222021: ***Black Friday Begins*** for Our Island Discount Program; Hurricane Season Ending; You May be Flying on a 737 MAX to SXM; Latest on the Caravanserai Debacle; OBBR's New Bistro / Market; CDC Improves SXM's Rating to Level 3; Front Street Fixup; French Side Update; Blvd. de Grand Case Repaving; Alice's Restaurant; IZI on Thanksgiving; [Issue #1322 -- 43 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1321Nov152021: Getting Here Way Easier Now for Vaccinated Visitors; All-New "Guide to Entry Requirements" Makes Preapproval Faster, Easier; French Side Entry Reqts.; Divi Little Bay Construction Nears Completion; "Fourteen" Towers Update; French Side Update; Club Orient Reconstruction; Cheri's Cafe Property Update; Important Updated Contact info for JMB & SkyMed [Issue #1321 -- 37 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1320Nov82021: DOUBLE ISSUE - 11/1-21 - 11/8/21: SXM, USA Change Entry Requirements for the Better; All-New "Guide to Entry Reqts." Greases the Skids for Travelers; Timeshare Owner Consumer Protection / Condo Buyer Consumer Protection; "Carbon Grove" Project; Hotel Development Projects; Home Porting; Minor Quake; Opening Hours of Businesses Grow As Covid Cases Plummet [Issue #1320 -- 45 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1319Oct252021: Certain Fully Vaccinated Visitors Will Not Need Pre-testing Before Island Visits Starting Nov. 1; Covid Numbers Continue to Decline so Curfews Are Now Practically Gone; Vaccination Passport / Sanitary Pass - What You Need to Know; Passport Processing Update; Quality of FAA Oversight of AA Maintenance Brought Into Question; Restaurant Reopenings; Christmas in the Caribbean; Reggae Christmas Music; Heineken Regatta is ON for 2022 [Issue #1319 -- 48 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1318Oct182021: Delta Wants Unruly Passenger Data Sharing; AA Flight 4817; the Cause of Southwest Air's Meltdown; SECRETS Review; About "The Morgan"; Halloween; Thanksgiving in SXM; [Issue #1318 -- 45 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

: Saharan Dust & Volcanic Ash vs. Tropical Development; Demand Surges for SXM Flights & Accommodations; When Fares Will Rise; Will Delta Fly Boston to SXM Nonstop; Restaurant Updates; Voyager to St. Barth; Make Thanksgiving Reservations Now [Issue #1317 -- 51 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1316Oct42021: Hurricane Season Not Over; Flights from Canada Resume; Testing / Approval Process Far Simpler Than It Seems; Potentially Quite Busy Winter Expected; Thanksgiving / Christmas Reservations; Making Your Own Perfume / Cologne (Women / Men) at Tijon or Virtually; Beat the Coming Price Increase from SkyMed [Issue #1316 -- 48 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

: Major Hurricane SAM (three stories); Breeze Airways Neeleman's Order for More A220s and Why it Matters to SXM; French Side Now Open to 11pm; Boeing 737 Max Test Pilot Expected To Face Charges; Jimbo's New Venture is Coming [Issue #1315 -- 47 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

:Absolute Last Call; The Future of The Westin; Maho Beach; Buying Condos; FAA; Vaccination Requirement if You Want to Fly; Becoming Familiar With Testing Before You Need It; Front Street; French Side Update; SXM Stayover Tourism Ranking Tops Everybody - [Issue #1314 -- 46 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

: Hurricanes Ida & Larry; Passport Renewal Processing Seems to be Speeding Up for Some Applicants; French Side Curfew Changes to 9 pm; Update on the Status of French Side Negotiations with Demonstrators; Unvaccinated Travel Gets NO from CDC [46 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists -- Issue #1313]

V4_1312August302021: Ida; Divi; Winair; SXM Airport Reconstruction; Belair Beach Hotel; New Flights from Canada; Curfew Pizza After Hours on the French Side; Scott Berger's $10,000 Thank You for Your Help w/ The National Brain Tumor Society [Issue #1312 -- 47 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1311August232021: Spirit Airlines; Henri; Travel Testing in Florida & Texas; Ed Misiph; Gerry Plamondon; PPRN / Orient Beach Rebuilding; Covid Vaccines Without Appointments; CDC Tells High-Risk Individuals Do Not Cruise [Issue #1311 -- 39 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1310August162021: 8/16/21: Our "Guide To Entry Requirements" Is Heavily Streamlined & Simplified; SXM Dodges Two Bullets, One Named Fred & the Other Named Grace; Earthquake in Haiti Virtually Unfelt 600 Miles Away in SXM; An Important Letter from Jeff Berger to all Readers of SXM Weekly News; To Stop Covid, French Side Starts 8pm Curfew, Dutch Side Tells Businesses to Close at 10pm; UN Climate Change Report & the Caribbean; Heineken Regatta Opens Registration; More About Sargassum [Issue #1310 -- 42 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1309August92021: French & Dutch Sides Take New Steps to Mitigate Covid/Delta; Acquisition of Royal Palm & Flamingo Beach Resorts (Diamond Resorts) by Hilton Grand Vacations is Completed; Right Now, Three Tropical Systems are In Our Sights - With a Fourth Due off West Africa; jetBlue Begins New Nonstop Service Between London-New York w/ Boston to Follow, Possibly Enabling Less Pricey Connections to SXM; Spirit Airlines Meltdown; Finding Where to Get Tested Before Going to SXM; Club Orient Rebuilding Permits; Hundreds of Timeshare Condo Rentals Available on Our Site [Issue #1309 -- 42 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1308August22021: From JMB / SXM Weekly News 8/2/21: Busy Hurricane Season Starts Bubbling in Mid-August; Comparing Timeshares with All-Inclusives; Mullet Bay Resort Property Still Empty 26 Years After Hurricane Luis; The Fascinating Life of Mary Pomeroy; Cow Steals Bra, Parades it All Over Town; Spiga Wins Honors; Mama Pizza is Much More Than Pizza; Hurricane Preps Checklist; Hundreds of Timeshare Condo Rentals Available
on Our Site [Issue #1308 -- 40 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1307July262021: From JMB / SXM Weekly News 7/26/21: Chef Dies in Car Crash; jetBlue Sends Erroneous SXM Covid Testing Email to SXM-Bound Passengers; GEBE Oil Spill Criminal Investigation Continues;
The ERB - Island 92 - SXM - Tokyo Olympics Connection; Cruise Ship Visits Rising; Sea Turtle Nesting Sites Caution; [Issue #1307 -- 37 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1306July192021: From JMB / SXM Weekly News 7/19/21: The Hot Mess of Passport Processing; GEBE's Oil Spill; 10,000 737s Involved in Latest Boeing Blunder; Hurricane Season Gets Reinvigorated Next Month;
EHAS Works Fine if You Read & Use Our Guide; Sandy Ground Bridge Replacement Starts Today; Sargassum, Pinel, & Tintamarre; The Story of Scott Berger's Third Brain Tumor; Neighboring Islands; Great Beach Reading; Winair [Issue #1306 -- 42 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1305July122021: From JMB / SXM Weekly News 7/12/21: Long Waits Phoning Airline Reservations Centers; Speeding Turnaround on a New US Passport; a Flight Attendant's Advice; How to Rent SXM Timeshare Condos;
How We Get Urgent Tropical Cyclone News to You Quickly; How Hotels Cope With the Hurricane "Rapid Spin-Up" Phenomenon; Live Local Hurricane News (if and when); a Much Closer Look at Sargassum Seaweed; Where to Avoid All Tan Lines in SXM; SXM Dog Adoptions - Everything You Need to Know; [Issue #1305 -- 43 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1304July52021: From JMB / SXM Weekly News 7/5-6/21: Issue #1304 -- Hurricane News; GEBE's Latest Blackout; 72 Hours for PCR Tests; Dutch Side Open Until 2 a.m.; How to Get New Passports
Fast; How To Get Around Jammed Airline Phone Reservations Systems; Boeing's Latest Debacle; jetBlue and AA Win Two Very Different Surveys; SXM's Plummeting Covid Case Numbers (Great
News); [44 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1303June282021: From JMB / SXM Weekly News 6/28/21: BULLETIN: Entry Requirements Updated Effective 7/1; Canada Eases Restrictions on Fully Vaccinated Fliers; Towers at Mullet Bay Employees
Vent Frustrations; Big, Positive Changes to French Side Curfew; Toppers Relocates to Carousel & Reopens; Busy Summer Already Starting; About The Winner of Our SXM Vacation Giveaway [Issue #1303 --
46 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1302June14212021: From JMB / SXM Weekly News 6/14-6/21/21: BULLETIN: SXM Updates Entry Requirements Effective 7/1; Full Planes; Cruises Get Going; Hurricane Season Gets Busy; New West Coast
Connections; SXM's Top Timeshare Resorts; Eric Loor's Mess at Ocean Club; Sharks; Lolos; Dany's Smooth Cupecoy Beach Bar; [Issue #1302 -- 51 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1301June72021: From JMB / SXM Weekly News 6/7/21: SXM Timesharing Special Issue - Ocean Club, Towers at Mullet Bay, Caravanserai, Royal Islander Great Bay, Simpson Bay Resort;
AA Dallas-SXM Nonstops Begin; UA's Supersonic Jet Order; Where We're Posting 2021 Hurricane Info; French Side Curfew Status Update; GEBE's Reliability Issues; Attention Celebrity Millennium
Passengers [Issue #1301 -- 51 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1300May312021: From JMB / SXM Weekly News 5/31/21: Dutch Side Will Soon Stop Requiring Testing for Fully Vaccinated People Coming to SXM; Our"Guide to Entry Requirements" Has Been Moved;
Cruise Ship Sailings Restart in June; French Side Adopts Temporary 8pm Curfew for Restaurants & Bars; Simpson Bay Resort Telecommunications Issues; Tropical Updates; Our SXM Vacation Giveaway Entries End June
15; [Issue #1300 -- 45 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1299May242021: From JMB / SXM Weekly News 5/24/21: Simpson Bay Resort Communications Knocked Out; Restaurants & Bars Ordered to Close at 11pm To Help Slam Covid; Top SXM All-Inclusives;
"Most Missed" Past-Years SXM Restaurants; Why Jet Blue's $599 LHR-JFK Flights Are Such a Big Deal; Our SXM Vacation Giveaway Entries End June 5 [Issue #1299 -- 53 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1298May172021: From JMB / SXM Weekly News 5/17/21: Oyster Bay Beach Resort; Orient Beach Hotel; Le Petit Hotel; L'Esplanade Hotel; Anguilla Reopening; All-Inclusives; Dutch or French side Dining; Jai's Contemporary Indian Cuisine Takes Off; Landing on Saba [Issue #1298 -- 56 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1297May102021MDE: From JMB / SXM Weekly News 5/10/21: New Problems with Boeing 737 MAX 800 and 900; jetBlue Starts Flying New Airbus A220s & Takes Delivery of New Transatlantic A321LRs; Royal Islander Great Bay Owners Livid at Sunwing; Club Orient Rebuilding; Toppers Restaurant's Final Days at Its Original Location; Who Is Anish Chugani, Anyway [Issue #1297 -- 57 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]


V4_1295April262021: From JMB / SXM Weekly News 4/26/21: Air France Approaches SXM With MAYDAY; Bargain Summer SXM Vacations; Skipjacks Getting Ready to Reopen; New Dining Concept Coming from a Familiar SXM Restaurateur; Two New Airplanes Will Change Global Aviation [Issue #1295 -- 51 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1294April192021: More 737 Max Troubles; Frontier Airlines To Fly to SXM Starting in July; AA, jetBlue, Delta, & United Stories; Passport Renewal Delays; Spiga Reopening; Buccaneer Beach Bar Reopens; Why a Helicopter is On The Ocean Floor Near Divi [Issue #1294 -- 56 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1293Apr122021: St. Vincent Volcano; Pilot Shortage; SXM Entry Requirements; Family Travel Accommodations; Our New Vacation Giveaway; You May Fly jetBlue from Europe; Three Fun SXM Activities You May Not Have Tried; St. Maarten General Hospital [Issue #1293 -- 52 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1292Apr52021: Vaccination Passports; Hurricane Season; Buy Plane Tix Now; Who Won the 6 Vacations We Gave Away; New Vacation Giveaway; The Soufriere Volcano; Sea Turtles, Whales, & Dolphins; Spiga; Sunday Brunches; Hand-Picked Great Beach Reading for You [Issue #1292 -- 52 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

(No issue March 29)

V4_1291Mar222021: UK Can Send Tourists to SXM Again; JFK's Big Changes; Divi; "14" Twin Condo Towers in Cupecoy Approaching Sellout; Asha Jagtiani; 6-Vacation Giveaway Set for Today (Monday) But You Must Answer Your Phone; New Summer Vacation Giveaway Starting; French Side Oddities; Parking in Philipsburg; Our 2021 Awards of Excellence Winners; Vow Renewals / Beach Weddings [54 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1290Mar152021: The 2021 Hurricane Season; Westin Resort Update; Diamond Resorts to be Acquired by Hilton; 6-vacation Giveaway is Next Monday (Answer your phone); New Giveaway Coming; Noise Control; RIMA Opens With Two Stories of Shopping; Tijon Parfumerie; Wild Monkeys [53 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1289Mar82021: Enter Our Six-Vacation Giveaway; Indigo Bay Hotel; Planet Hollywood; Finding 2021 & 2022 Timeshare Condo Rentals; Pot; Mama Pizza; RIMA Reopening; Mongoose; Wild Monkeys; Ultra-Scenic SXM Car Rides; Our Guide to Entry Requirements [49 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1288Mar12021 (Copy not currently available): SXM Now Accepts All FDA-Approved Rapid Tests; New DFW-SXM Nonstop Set; Come Now, Stay Longer - Easily; SXM Summer Vacation Planning; Mama Pizza Reopening; Toppers; Spiga; Buccaneer Beach Bar Sold; Two New Hotels; SECRETS Delays Opening Again [53 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1287Feb222021: SXM Now Accepts All FDA-Approved Rapid Tests; New DFW-SXM Nonstop Set; Come Now, Stay Longer - Easily; SXM Summer Vacation Planning; Mama Pizza Reopening; Toppers; Spiga; Buccaneer Beach Bar Sold; Two New Hotels; SECRETS Delays Opening Again [53 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1286Feb152021: 120-hour Window Between Test & SXM Flight STAYS for Americans & Canadians; No Issue in Getting Tested in SXM Before Going Home to US; French / Dutch Side Border Stays Wide Open; No US Federal Quarantine When Returning Home; Atrium Wyndham/Ramada; SXM Airport; Dry Weather; Pineapple Pete; Wasabi Charlie; Toppers; SXM Beer [47 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1285 Feb82021: 120-hour Window Between PCR Test & SXM Flight STAYS for Americans & Canadians; No Issue in Getting Tested in SXM Before Going Home to US; St. Barth Reopens to Tourists Via SXM; French Side and SBH Presidents Appeal France's "Essential Travel" Edict; Best Places for Cameras, Computer Supplies; Great Lunches; Simpson Bay; Astra; Toppers [51 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V4_1284Feb12021: SECRETS Opening Delayed Again; PCR Testing Now 72 Hours; Carnival & Heineken Regatta Both Canceled; Easy Testing Before Returning Home to US; Two Minor Quakes; Le Galion Renovations; Where to Get Those One-by-K "One Love" T-Shirts [49 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1283Jan252021: SECRETS; Quarantine (?); Trip Advisor Names Top S/Bay Restaurant; Heineken Regatta; Carnival Push-Back; Le Galion's Big Rehab; Neil Roebert; Restaurateur Mario Tardif's Smash Hit; SkyMed Sale; How to Get a Free Year of JMB Membership AND Help SXM Weekly News Keep Publishing -- [50 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1282Jan182021 Jet Blue's New A220s; UAL Exposes Non-SXM Passengers to Covid; "14" Condo Tower; "Secrets" Opening (?); Mama Pizza; Mario's Bistro; Buccaneer Beach Bar; Toppers [49 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1281Jan112021F Required SXM Covid Insurance Effective Today (Simple/Easy/Cheap); Airlines Kick Out "Comfort" Animals; Returns to Canada Get Complicated; Big New Rima Store Coming Closer; Restaurants; Vervet Monkeys Being Studied; Boats Sunk in Lagoon Finally Going Away Next Summer [43 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1280Jan42021F Low Fares; Cheap, Simple, Required Covid Insurance; Spiga Reopening; French Side Marriott; Simpson Bay Resort; Sapphire Resort; Big, All-New Villa Vijoux at Dawn Beach / Oyster Pond; Tourism, Condo Sales Surging; EHAS [45 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]


2020 Editions (Frequently updated; most recent issues first. To see SXM Weekly News when it is first issued, subscribe free, here.)


V3_1279Dec282020 Royal Palm, Flamingo Reopen This Friday; French Side Marriott Gets Thumbs Down; Hurricane Season 2021 Early Updates; Boeing's Potential New Debacle; JetBlue Continues Expanding; United Airlines' Latest Blunder; Divi; Planet Hollywood; Marigot Waterfront Project Gets a Boost; Shoppers Haven; iZi; Six- Vacation Giveaway [48 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1278Dec212020 Feature Story: Surging Condo Sales Reflect Desire to Get Away Longer; French Side Beaches Reopen; New Super-Easy Covid Insurance Reqt. Coming; Cuisinart Resort Sold to American Entrepreneur; Heineken Regatta Still On, but Different; Georgina's Nails; Tijon Parfumerie; Vesna Taverna; Guide to SXM Entry Requirements [46 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1277Dec142020 ::::Breaking News::::: French Tourist in Rare Shark Attack at Orient (story 23); Mario's at the Cliff; Esmeralda; Le Petit Hotel; Surging Condo Purchases - What You Must Know; Taloula Mango's; Parking & Shopping in Philipsburg [38 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1276Dec72020 Airport Reconstruction Ramps Up; Big Fare Sales; Mario's Bistro Reopens at Cliff; Toppers Rhum Reopens; Carousel Gelateria Reopens; La Samanna Reopening; SECRETS Reopening; RIMA To Return; Live Entertainment; ASTRA Opens; Entry Requirements; Hurricane Season [46 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1275Nov302020 One Huge Last Call; jetBlue's New SXM Nonstops; Latest Entry Requirements; Latest on French Side Hotel Stays for Americans; Surging Demand for Condos - Get the Facts First; Dengue Fever Heads Up; Toppers; Mario's; Tijon; Mama Pizza; Entertainment Calendar; Bernadine Ali Passes; Vacation Giveaway [42 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1274Nov232020 SXM Allows Rapid Antigen Tests for Entry Eff. 11/25; BLACK FRIDAY; Grand Case Beach Club Accepting American Tourists; Planet Hollywood; Mario's Bistro at The Cliff; Mama Pizza at Dawn Beach;"Pearl" of China Is No Pearl; 737 Max; jetBlue; Hurricane Season [38 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1273Nov162020 Minor Earthquake (on Friday the 13th); Hurricanes; SXM Entry Requirements; SECRETS; La Samanna; French State; IZI Reopens; Mario's Reopening; Sublime Reopening; Topper's; Buying Property / Working in SXM; Our Biggest / Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday Event Ever [43 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1272Nov92020 Entry Requirements; Airport Status; New Condo Projects; Mario's Moving to The Cliff; Toppers, Toppers Rhum Moving to the Carousel (The Gelato Stays); Towers at Mullet Bay Update; La Samanna Closed for the Season; French Side Hotels Fiasco [44 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1271Nov22020 SXM Entry Requirements & How to Meet Them (Simple/Easy); Delta Restarts Flights to SXM; Beach Weddings / Vow Renewals in SXM; Royal Palm, Flamingo Reopen in January; French Side Hotels Reopening; SECRETS Reopens Next Week; Flying During a Pandemic; Hurricanes; Many More Major News Stories [43 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1270Oct262020 MAX Coming Back; Flying During a Pandemic; Hurricanes Zeta and Eta; SXM Airport; Finding RT-PCR Testing Sites; Tourist Entry Requirements Changes Eyed; Towers at Mullet Bay Fiasco; Why There's High Demand for Villas; GEBE; Dutch Side Boat Tour Captains Cry Foul Against French Side [33 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1269Oct192020 SXM Weekly News-in-Brief 10/19/20: Luxury Hotel for Cay Bay; Covid insurance; Sonesta Maho Reopening [Nine stories]

V3_1268Oct122020 Hurricane Outlook; Covid Test Requirements Easier; Changing Flight Schedules; David Neeleman's New Airline "Breeze"; New Condos & Timeshare Buildings; Villa Vijoux for Extended Families; Timeshare Owner Consumer Protection; Earthquake [34 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1267Oct52020 SXM Entry Requirements; Covid Insurance; 737 MAX Status; Hurricane Season Reawakens; Hotel Reopenings; Sonesta "Pays" for Guests' Covid Testing; MOVIDA Opens; Government Admission-Approval Website Quirk; Vote for Toppers [37 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1266Sep282020 Caravanserai Timeshare Owners Lose to Alegria, for Now; Hurricane Season Pause is Temporary; Masks Mandated; Mario's Bistro at The Cliff; Frenchy Ludo's Open; Sublime Moves to Maho; Kalua Beach Bar / Restaurant Opening [39 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1265Sep212020 Borders Reopened; Entry Reqts. Relaxed; Planet Hollywood Suit Filed; Navy Beach; 721 District; Turtle Pier; Odie Sheyenne; Boeing 737 Max and 787 Updates; [39 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1264Sep72020 Flight Changes; Accommodations; Hurricanes; Border Closure Insights; Vacation Rentals; Lake Atrium; Absolute Last Call for a No-Charge Year of Island Discount Program Membership [29 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1263Aug312020 jetBlue; UAL; AA; Delta; Spirit; French side border closure; New Disguise for Returning 737-Max Aircraft; Hurricanes; Dengue; Low Low Season; Restoring Coral; Dutch Side Revenues; [34 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1262Aug242020 Storm Laura; Delta Exits SXM for Sept. & Oct.; Pandemic Flying; Airport NOT Closing; Villas; French Side Border Closure Protests; Missing Woman is Fine; 70 Stores for Lease; Party Boat Stuck; Your Help Essential to Keep Weekly News Publishing; Huge SkyMed Sale Ends 9/30 [39 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1261Aug172020 Storm Possible Fri. Night, Sat.; "Hyperactive" Hurricane Season; New Flights from Montreal & Toronto; More on Proposed Nettle Bay Marriott; Dutch Side Works to Flatten the Curve; Anguilla Reopens; French Side Keeps Borders Closed; The Glacial Pace of US Passport Issuance [35 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1260Aug32020 SXM Weekly News Double Edition, 8/3/20 and 8/10/20: US-SXM Flights Resume; New Five-Star Marriott Resort Coming to Nettle Bay; Record Hurricane Season Possible; No Cruises Through October; JW Marriott; Emilio's; Yoda; SkyMed Launches Huge Fall Sale [34 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1259July272020 Hurricane Isaias; No Mask, No Fly; Boeing (two stories); Belair Beach Hotel; Oyster Bay Beach Resort; Westin / Marriott; US Tourism Starts Saturday 8/1; Buccaneer Beach; Dolphinarium; Weekly News Needs Your Help [36 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1258July202020 SXM Welcomes US Tourists Effective 8/1(?); jetBlue/AA Hookup; Winair; Buccaneer Beach Bar; Three New Hotels; Hurricane Season; AirBnB Issues; Captain Oliver's Saga; Boardwalk Extension [43 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1257July132020 US Tourism Officially Reopens Aug. 1; Earlier "Long Track" Storms Expected During Busy Hurricane Season; Where to Find SXM-Related Tropical Weather Info; Timeshare Leaders "Energy" Evans, Ricardo Perez Making Radio Appearance; Restaurant of the Week [37 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1256July62020 SXM Closed to US Flights Until 7/15; 737 Max Jets are Flying; Tropical Systems Development Likely; LIAT; Health Declarations; Pre-Arrival Covid Testing; Mullet Bay Beach Resort; LAST CALL for Memberships [34 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1255June292020 SXM's Reopening: Your Questions Answered; Tropical Development / Saharan Dust; Delta, jetBlue, Spirit, American, & United; Proposed Dolphinarium Has Lots of Opposition; SECRETS Reopens October 16; Cost-Free Full-Year Membership in our Island Discount Program [35 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1254June222020 SXM Reopens to North American Tourism on Wednesday, July 1; Tropical Update; No Mask, No Fly; Jet Blue Keeps Expanding; 737 Max; Bringing Home Incredible Caribbean Colors; More... [36 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1253June152020 Flight Announcement Due Today; 20 Named Storms Possible this Hurricane Season; New JetBlue Nonstops; That False Rumor About Club O; Your Passport Renewal; Lake Atrium; Grand Case [36 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1252June82020 SXM Reopening to US Flights May Be Imminent; 737 Max Status; AA's Bizarre Bookings; Something New for Hurricane Season; Restaurants the Same & Different; Bavaria Closes; July in SXM; Weddings / Vow Renewals; Club Orient; How to Get 6 Months free With SkyMed [38 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1251June12020 Island Prepares to Reopen Tourism; Hurricanes; Club Orient Beach; AA, UA, Others Shrinking; US Flights to SXM; Tijon Parfumerie; SXM Jewelry Deals; Dengue [37 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1250May252020 19 Named Storms this Hurricane Season; Delta Announces SXM Flights; French side wants to reopen; Dutch side may soon reopen; IZI Delivers; Roland Richardson; "Eco Bracelets" [31 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1249May182020 Hurricane Season Starts Early; Airline Travel's Big Changes; Planet Hollywood Stops, Temporarily; Dutch SXM Reopens; Cruises Coming, Ready or Not; "Plus One" Program Begins - [35 Top SXM News Stories for Tourists]

V3_1248May112020 "Good News Special Edition" - Island Lockdowns De-escalating, Reopenings Beginning; Caravanserai Litigation Gets a Boost; No New Covid Cases; Beaches Reopening; Sargassum Returns; Airfares Rising; Non-US Cruise Lines want $; US Rescue Flight Thurs.; Get 6 Months of SkyMed Medevac Protection Free [36 SXM News Stories This Week]

V3_1247May42020 Air France Returning; Airport Gets $71-million; Hurricane Season May Start with a Bang; Big Delays at Royal Palm & Flamingo; Atrium Closes 'Til October; "No Risk" Reservations at Orient Beach Hotel; Lockdown; French Side Restaurant Status; Anguilla; Yoda; Three Months Free w/ SkyMed Annual Renewals Now; [37 SXM News Stories This Week]

V3_1246Apr272020 AA Gets Bailout, Raises Fees; Air Caraibes to SXM Starting July 3; 2021 SXM Rentals; Lockdown Changing; Dutch Navy Relief Ship Arrives; Big Brush Fire Extinguished - No Injuries; On the How & When of Tourists' Return to SXM [39 News Stories]

V3_1245Apr202020 State of Emergency; Cruise Shutdowns; Atrium Terminations; Masks; Supermarket Status; Alcohol Ban ends; Prime Minister "cult" video; aid for French, Dutch sides; Hints About Reopening; All the News You Need in SXM in 38 stories

V3_1244Apr132020 UA Refunds; AA Changes Flight Schedules, Doesn't Tell Passengers; Cruise Lines' Dark Future; Boeing; 2020 Hurricanes; CBP Stops Passport Services; Covid; SXM Shutdown; Grocery Deliveries; Daily Herald Stops Publishing; [37 Major News Stories This Week]

V3_1243Apr62020 Dutch Side Institutes Immediate Shutdown; Above-Average Hurricane Season Forecast; Feds Order Airlines to Pay Refunds; Pandemic's Devastating Impact on Tourism; Hotel/Timeshare Construction Delays; Dealing w/ Immense Stress; [43 Major News Stories This Week]

V3_1242Mar302020 Tums; United Airlines; WestJet; New 8-Suite villa; Sonesta; US First Responder Recognition; SXM on HGTV; Toppers Making Hand Sanitizer; The Bar "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" [37 news stories]

V3_1241Mar232020 Tourists Return Home; Airport & Airline Heroes; Princess Cruises Issues; Resorts, Hotels Shutting Down; Waiter "Joseph" & His Scooter; Restaurants Open for Take-Out; Jewelers, Cigar Vendors Open Online; Hurricane Season Starts June 1 [29 news stories]

V3_1240Mar162020 Two-Week Flight, Cruise Ban from Canada & US; Getting Flights Home; Delta, AA, JetBlue, WestJet, Sunwing; SkyMed Takes Coronavirus Patients Home; Carnival; Moonsplash; Another Boeing 737 MAX Problem [32 news stories]

V3_1239Mar92020 From JMB / SXM Weekly News 3/9/20: Airport Gets Go-Ahead; AA Gets Worse; Airplane Cleaning; Fares; SkyMed; Secrets; Planet Hollywood; Timeshare Changes; SXM Gen. Hosp.; Westin Changes; Timeshare Changes; Heineken Regatta [39 news stories]

V3_1238Mar22020 From JMB / SXM Weekly News 3/2/20: jetBlue; Weather; Heineken Regatta; SECRETS Opens; Rentals; Causeway Night
Closures; Tourist's Broken Leg; Biggest SkyMed Event Ever Now Underway [33 SXM news stories]

V3_1237Feb242020 From JMB / SXM Weekly News 2/24/20: 737 MAX; AA; SECRETS; Dengue; SkyMed Evacuation; Heineken Regatta;
Broken Leg Complications [38 SXM news stories]

From JMB / SXM Weekly News 2/17/20: '20 Hurricane season; SECRETS Delays; Royal Islander G/B; "14" Towers; Regattas; Jack Jagtiani; Toppers Rhum / Vodka; Below Deck; Global Entry; Drones; Airport Recovery Funds [38 News Stories]

V3_1235Feb102020 From JMB / SXM Weekly News 2/10/20: New York Residents Banned from Global Entry; New MAX Problem; Flight Cancellation "Leaders"; 2021 Timeshares; Broken Leg Victim on Island92; Timesharing Special Edition [35 News Stories]

V3_1234Feb32020 From JMB / SXM Weekly News 2/3/20: Wet Weather Exits; Towers @ MB Update; SECRETS Update; Wyndham Returns; Rudy's Fishing Charters; All in One Place; Packing Rx; SXM's Vodka Distillery; Valentines Gifts [35 Stories]

From JMB / SXM Weekly News 1/27/20: Boeing; Spirit Air; Delta/SXM; SECRETS; Flamingo / Royal Palm; "Branded" Hotels Coming; Val. Day; Vacation Giveaways; French side; Feeding Fish; [40 News Stories]

V3_1232Jan202020 From JMB / SXM Weekly News 1/20/20: Weather News; Airport $; Four Hotel Projects; Regatta Entertainment; SXM GH; Carnival; 10th Coalition Govt; D-Boat Stuck; Four Restaurants; Two Parties; [39 News Stories] (Double issue; no issue January 13)

V2_1231Jan62020 From JMB / SXM Weekly News 1/6/20: Bulletin - Two Major New 737 MAX Problems; More Flight Schedule Changes; Carnival Fined $20-mil.; Adonis Hotel Opening; French Side; Phil Cerami; Holland is No More; SXM General Hospital [34 news stories]

2019 Editions (Updated weekly; most recent issues first.)

Note: The Filenames for each edition include the volume (currently V2), the issue number (now in the 1,200s), and the cover date of the newsletter -- every Monday except most holiday weeks, when it's Tuesday. -Ed.

Next issue normally posts after it has completed mailing. Please let us know if you encounter any link issues on this page.

V2_1230Dec302019 From JMB / SXM Weekly News 12/30/19: 737 Max; Flight Changes w/o Notice; What Happens Next on French Side; Ships in Port 12/25 But PBurg Ordered Closed; NY Eve Fireworks; Carbets Status; SXM "Most Innovative" Island; Toppers is #1 Caribbean Rum [32 News Stories]

V2_1229Dec232019 From JMB / SXM Weekly News 12/23/19: 737 Max; SXM Airport's Future; Adonis Cupecoy Hotel; Cupecoy Development& Restaurants; Retiring to or Starting a Business in SXM; Big Trucks Overturn, Snarl Traffic; Why French Side Residents Were Protesting; Fr. Side Access; "Pelican Pond"; Sea Turtle Hatchings; Holiday SXM Membership Promo Ends 1/3; SXM Vacation Giveaways [39 Stories]

V2_1228Dec162019 From JMB / SXM Weekly News 12/16/19: FAA / 737 Max; AA PHL-SXM 767s; Airport Getting Its $$; Megayacht/Bridge Accident; French side status; SXM Vacation Giveaway Begins [39 News Stories]

V2_1227Dec92019 From JMB / SXM Weekly News 12/9/19: Airport Funding; Preclearance; The Cliff; SXM Vacation Giveaways; #6.5- million; Sky Dinner; Baki's Art; Soggy; Tasting Menus; La Patrona; Pineapple Pete [44 Stories]

Airport Rebuilding Update; Westin Update; 2020 Hurricane Names; Diamond Resorts Issues; Destination Magazine (AA, UA); Fare Prices; Bridge Uncovered; Cyber Monday Is Right Here [38 SXM News Stories]

V2_1225Nov252019 Airport Financing; Sebastien; Hotel-Timeshare Special Edition (5 stories); Black Friday; Fodor's Essential Caribbean; USA Today; Thanksgiving [41 News Stories]

V2_1224Nov182019 737 Max; Southwest Air; jetBlue; Belair; Simpson Bay Resort; Westin; Orient Beach; Serafina; Taste Factory; French Side Trial; Anguilla Extradition; Thanksgiving [45 Articles]

V2_1223Nov112019 Neeleman's New Airline; Hurricane Season; Multi-month Rental; CBC Reopening; Adonis Delayed; Invitation; Broadway; Vodka Made in SXM; Restaurant Special Issue [42 Stories]

V2_1222Nov42019 Tropics; SXM Airport; Jet Blue/SXM; Condo Construction; Beach Status; Alegria; Markets; "NSA"; Vesna; Activities; Harmony Nights [37 News Stories]

V2_1221Oct282019 Airport Terminal Reconstruction; Hurricane Updates; KLM; Sonesta; Wyndham; GEBE; Hospital Construction; Marigot Redevelopment; "Terrifying" Airports; Where Are They Now? [36 Stories]

V2_1220Oct212019 Boeing 737 MAX; Why Rainy Season Isn't; Holland House; Spiga; Vesna Taverna; David Foini; Orient Beach Carbets; Pot in SXM; Regatta's Headline Musician [36 News Stories]

V2_1219Oct142019 AA; 737 Wing Cracks; S/W Pilots Sue Boeing; Caravanserai T/S Owners Still Fighting in Court; Ocean Club, Mullet Bay Tower Owners Told Nothing; NY Times Story on SXM; GEBE; French Side Water; Izi; Flu Shots; Turtle Pier; Last Call for SXM Ovals [39 News Stories]

V2_1218Oct72019 Restaurant Special Edition; Hurricanes; SXM Airport/Flights; Westin; Dawn Beach Club; Orient Beach, Maho Beach; Plastic; Many Restaurant Reopenings; SXM Euro Ovals; Your Invitation to An SXM Luncheon [33 Stories]

V2_1217Sep302019 Hurricane Lorenzo; New 737 Problems; Big Winter Season Expected; SXM Condo Rentals; Sky Dinner; Emilio's; Celine/Enigma; Anguilla Ferries; Jax; Brain Tumors; SkyMed Luncheon Jan. 3 [35 News Stories]

V2_1216Sep232019 Jerry, Karen, & Lorenzo; Thomas Cook; AA Mechanic; Dutch Side Gov't Falls; Airport's Reconst. Funding; Louis Richardson; Jan Borsje; Condo Sales Soaring; Cupecoy's New Skyline [37 News Stories]

There was no issue published on September 16, when we gave our Editorial Staff a very rare week off.

V2_1215Sep92019 "Humberto" & "Imelda"; Irma 2nd Anniv.; Help for Bahamas; New Offer to Rebuild Airport; Flamingo, Royal Palm Detailed Updates; Sale & Pepe Relocates; Lee's Relocates & Reopens; Below Deck [35 articles]

V2_1214Sep32019 Dorian; New Storms; Helping the Bahamas; UA, AA, Southwest; Towers at Mullet Bay; Flamingo; JMB Vacation Giveaway; Club O Beach; Starz Casino Opens; Lee's; iZi; Annual Closings; GEBE [42 news stories]

V2_1213Aug262019 Trop. Storm Dorian Approaches; Palm Court Reopens; New Relo Seminar Coming; Our Party at Toppers Distillery; Some Boat Owners on The Hook; Dump Fire Progress [29 News Stories]

Airport/Airlines Special Edition (four stories); Alegria/Morgan; Westin's Changing Name; Capt. Oliver's; CBS Reality Stars on Island92; Last Call for End of Summer Bash [35 News Stories]

Three Fugitives Caught, Jailed; Planet Hollywood is "Go"; Tropics; SXM Airport, AA; JetBlue; 737 Max 8; Strange "Tax Holiday"; Your Invite to Our End of Summer Party [31 News Stories]

V2_1210Aug52019 Pilots; Invest 96L Weather; Hotel Special Edition - Adonis, Hommage, Planet Hollywood, Secrets; State Dept.; KimSha; Orient Update; Beach Weddings; Come to Our End of Summer Bash [36 Stories]

V2_1209July292019 Timeshare Special Edition -- Tropical Update; Rising Airfares; Canadian Airlines; Secrets Coming Earlier; Flamingo Opens Later; Mullet Bay, Westin, Capt. Oliver's; KimSha Swimming; IZI; Isola; An Invitation [38 Stories]

V2_1208July222019 American Airlines; San Juan Connections; Boeing 737 Max 8; Divi; French Side Hotels; SXM Infrastructure; Flamingo & RP Room Pics; Carrefour; Spiga; Isola; Sky Dinner; Turtle Pier; Star Wars; [40 Stories]

V2_1207July152019 Severe Turbulence Injures Passengers; New AA "Bias" Allegations; Hurricane Barry; Diamond Resorts; JMB SXM Summer Party Invites; Spiga; Toppers Rhum; Tijon Parfumerie [36 News Stories]

V2_1206July82019 SXM Airport; Royal Palm Update; Ocean Club Debacle; New 32-rm Hotel; Noise Silenced; French Side Road Work; July, August Island Party Invites; Spiga [34 News Stories]

New Boeing 737 MAX Trouble; SXM Airport; La Playa Reopens; Politicians' War on New Hospital; Three Perish in Water Accidents; Huge Tourism Summer Expected; Spiga's Long Vacation; Tijon; Three Restaurants Reopening; Adopt a Dog; SkyMed Customer Stories [34 News Stories]

Heroism After Freak Accident in Marigot Bay; French Side Water Issues; Much More on Preclearance; Maho; Diamond Resorts Reopenings; New, Bigger Super U; [33 News Stories]

V2_1203June172019 Preclearance; Oyster Bay & Busby's; Westin; Relocating to SXM; Carnival Cruise Lines; JMB Visitor #5 Million; SkyMed Luncheon; Vacation Giveaways; Beaches; Restaurants; Last Call [36 News Stories]

V2_1202June102019 Nation in Mourning; JetBlue; Carnival Cruises; SECRETS Resort; Planet Hollywood; Noise; Your Condo on the Beach; Five Millionth Visitor; Vacation Giveaway; New Super U; You're Invited January 3; Pinel; Juliette's Bistro; It's All Over on Solstice Day [40 News Stories]

V2_1201June32019 Rain; Hurricane Season; jetBlue Changes; Sonesta Announcement; SXM's Economy; Medevac at $1.35/day; [32 SXM News Stories]

V2_1200May272019 New Hurricane Season Heads-Up; Flying in Canada; Orient Beach Hotel; Heyliger Ill; Very Dry Weather; Carrefour Reopening; IZI; Carol & Ron; SkyMed [30 news stories]

V2_1199May202019 First Subtropical Storm Forms; Southwest Air; WestJet Sold; Hotel Construction; Timeshare Construction; French Drawbridge; Fete de la Mer; Busy Summer Season Expected [35 stories]

(Covering May 6-13 2019) Richard Branson & LIAT; SW Air & SXM; La Playa; Diamond's Delays; Planet Hollywood; Lee's, Big Fish, & Pedro's All Reopening; Busby's; Marty's; SkyMed Customers [35 News Stories]

AA Antics; JetBlue Expanding; Mozy; Southwest; New Hotel in Cupecoy; Sapphire Improving; Dino Jagtiani Leaving; Ja Rule; Drone Shot Down; Cats/Dogs; SkyMed [36 News Stories]

V2_1196Apr222019 Boeing 787; Airport; Sunwing; Delta; AA/JB Poll Results; Alamanda Closed; Calmos' Les Duplex Opening; Vacation Giveaways; Rum & Peas; Big Fish; Sheer; Sale & Pepe; Coco Beach; Seaweed [37 Stories]

V2_1195Apr152019 737 MAX; Summer Flying Cautions; LIAT; Low Fare Guide; Ocean Club; SXM on HGTV; Timesharing; Relocating to SXM; Big Fish Reopening; Calmos Cafe Update; Restaurant Changes; Vacation Giveaway Today; Ital Shack [29 News Stories]

V2_1194Apr82019 French Side General Strike Coming; Us; Vacation Giveaway; Roxxy; Lee's; Hurricane Outlook; Florida-SXM Fare War; 737 MAX; Caravanserai Updates; Sapphire; Sonesta; Belair; Relocation Seminar; Where We Were[39 News Stories]

V2_1193Mar112019 Preclearance; Travel Visas; AA Troubles; "Secrets" Resort; Mullet Bay Beach; Sheer; Regatta, SXM w/ Disabilities; Rima Returns; Zhaveri Grows: Upscale Handbags; Tricia in Montpelier; iZi [33 News Stories]

V2_1192Mar42019 SXM Airport; Insel & LIAT Troubles; Winair is Fine; $220 SXM Round Trips; Planet Hollywood Resort; Westin Five-Star; Your SXM Condo; Diamond Resorts Bills; New Golf Course; JAX; Toppers; Vesna; Spiga; Music Festival [34 News Stories]

V2_1191Feb252019 SXM Airport; Royal Palm; Divi; OBBR; Maho; Westin; C/O Yacht Hotel; Toppers Rhum Voted Caribbean's Best; Theo Heyliger; Grand Case; Mario's Bistro; SkyMed [35 News Stories]

V2_1190Feb182019 Jet Blue Expands Service; $220 Round Trips; SECRETS Resort; Anse Marcel Beach Resort; New Orient Construction; Caribbean Climate Change; Regatta; Roland Richardson; Sailing Yacht "A"; Tourist Airlift; Island Parties; New Zipline; IZI Tasting Menus [31 News Stories]

V2_1189Feb112019 AA; $220 jetBlue Round Trips; Weather; Planet Hollywood; Port de Plaisance Reopens; Frigadom; New Regatta; Handicapped Access; "Perfume Ladies"; Planning Summer; "Happy Harold"; Mama Pizza; SkipJack's [29 Stories]

V2_1188Feb42019 Two Timeshare Resorts in Major Expansion; Jet Blue's $220 SXM Round Trips; Preclearance Starts in 2020; OBBR; Alamanda; Towers at M. B.; Jacky Rom's New Novel; New Zipline; Harmony Nights [34 News Stories]

V2-1187Jan282019 Air Travel After Shutdown; Vote "Best Caribbean Island"; Le Pressoir; SkipJacks; Lee's; Barranco; La Rosa Too; Big Fish; Grand Case; New Beach Townhouses; Dany's Cupecoy Beach Bar; Register for Our 2/13 Party [31 News Stories]

V2_1186Jan212019 Storm Harper; Sonesta Maho Reopening; Mercure Doing Great; Cupecoy Towers; Pressoir Reopens; Spiga; Altro; Lal's; SkipJack's Reopening; Starz; Super Bowl; Your Invite To Our Distillery Party [27 News Stories]

V2_1185Jan142019 Westin; Surging SXM Tourism; Airport To Get $100-Mil.; 2/13 Island Party;"Replay" Expanding; Club Fantastico; Weddings; Cruise Ship Tours; Below Deck; SkyMed [37 Stories]

V2_1184Jan72019 AA & Delta Shenanigans; Sonesta Maho Progress; P-Burg; Lee's; Blue Mall; Cupecoy Lemondroppers; Casino Royale; Make Perfume; Mama Pizza; Vesna, Avantika, Spiga, SkipJack's; Donkeys [37 News Stories]

2018 Editions

V2_1183Dec312018 SXM Airport's Future; 7 Ships; Planes, Megayachts Everywhere; Royal Palm, Flamingo Rev it Up; New Years Eve; Stars Arrive; Zhaveri Luxury; Carrefour; Seaweed; Starz Casino [35 News Stories]

V2_1182Dec242018 AA; Terminal Tour; Belair Beach; Sapphire; SMGH; Lekkerbek Dive Site; Guayabera Beach Club; iZi; Vesna; Hideaway; No Mo' Kokomo; [35 stories]

V2_1181Dec172018 Airport Reopens; Preclearance; AA; Toppers Distillery Party; Resort Updates; Louis Vuitton Buys La Samanna; Kakao; Tijon; Marigot; Christmas / New Year's; Vesna's Desserts [33 news stories]

V2_1180Dec102018 Airport Terminal Reopening; jetBlue FLL-SXM Nonstops; 98% of Flights Return by March; Royal Islander; SMGH; SkipJacks; Belair; Volunteering; Toy Drive; Jacky Rom; Holiday Sale Ending Soon; SkyMed Customer Stories [35 news stories]

V2_1179Dec32018 Hurricanes; Royal Palm; Westin; Royal Islander; Planet Hollywood; "Secrets"; Pearl of China; Nutcracker; New Boardwalk; Zhaveri; Orient; [38 News Stories]

V2_1178Nov262018B Royal Palm / Flamingo Reopening Dates; Cyber Monday / Holiday; New Relo Seminar; Orient Beach; Roxxy/Le Sand; Grand Case; New Hospital; SXM Twin Towers; Toy Drive; IZI; Spiga; Pizza; SkyMed Customer stories; [34 News Stories]

V2_1177Nov192018 Many Airline Updates; Hotel / Timeshare Reopenings & Updates; Last Call for Relocation Seminar; T-Day Dinners; Tours; Ships; Restaurant Reopenings; Club O; Pizza; New Carrefour Opens

Weather Update; Two Party Invites; SXM's Recovery; Island Status; Club Orient; Dany's; Toppers; Vesna; iZi; Spiga; Carrefour; Super U; [29 News Stories]

V2_1174Oct292018 Hurricane Oscar; 200 Euro Trips from Paris; SXM Airport; SXM Party Invites; Royal Islander; Sonesta Ocean Point; Vesna Taverna; Rum & Peas; Carrefours; French Side; Amex; [33 News Stories] (#1175 not used)

V2_1173Oct152018 October 15-22 Double Issue: Jet Blue Dazzles w/ Low Fares, New US Departure City; United & AA Screwups; Two Invitations; Royal Islander; Towers; La Vista; Rum & Peas; Piazza Pascal; Sarafina; Pelican Bistro; Thanksgiving; [38 News Stories]

V2_1172Oct82018 Lower Fares from JetBlue; JFK; Relocation Seminar Invite; Club Orient Shutdown; Ocean Point Delay; Macron Visit; Fire at Daily Extra; Art; Causeway; Last Call [34 Stories]

V2_1171Oct12018 Kirk; New AA Flights; Congress / Airline Fees; Southwest & SXM; Preclearance; OBBR / CBC On Schedule; Macron Visits; Dump Progress; Blackout; Awards; Orient; [36 News Stories]

V2_1170Sep242018 Busy Tropics; Congress Looking at Airline Fees; AA Wants No Ticket Changes; David Neeleman's New Airline; SXM Airport; SBR; Below Deck; HGTV; Prescriptions; [37 News Stories]

V2_1169Sep172018 Isaac; Hurricane Season Not Over; Timeshare Reopenings Changing; Moving to SXM; Tiko Tiko Sold; Recovery; Climate Change; Mosquitoes; Hospital; (32 News Stories)

V2_1168Sep102018 Hurricane Isaac Approaches; Irma's 1st Anniversary; Airport Status; Dawn Beach Club; Planet Hollywood; Thanksgiving; Restaurant Updates; Rainforest Adventures; Suntans & Reefs; [35 News Stories]

V2_1167Sep32018 Labor Day Double Issue 2018.

V2_1166Aug272018 Tropical Activity; Airfares Nosedive; Seaweed; "Pink Sail"; AUC Grads in Miami; Jet Blue; KLM; SkyMed at $1.35/day; Mario's [29 stories]

V2_1165Aug202018 Lots of Restaurant News/Updates/Moves; Hotel Reopenings; Buying SXM Property; Supermarket Updates; Insurance; Seaweed; Your Irma; (38 News Stories)

Double Issue Come To Our 8/16 Island Party; Jet Blue Bulletin; Club Orient Answers; SXM Airport; Alegria Becomes "Morgan"; Harvard / AUC; Climate Change; Star Clippers; Marina Royale; LEDs Fixed at Golf Course Road; Irma; Grand Case; Tropicana [37 Stories]

V2_1163Aug62018 SXM Weekly News in Brief edition.

JetBlue Flights; Tropical Activity; Why OBBR Is Upset; Dolphins; Caravanserai; Airport/NAGICO; Big Fish; Your Party Invite; Orient Beach (32 stories)

V2_1161Jul232018 Airport Terminal Annct.; Casino Royale Reopening; Le Cottage Reopens; Breakfast & Lunch at Vesna's; RIU To Be "Secrets"; Westin Not Bankrupt; Paint on Plum Beach; Mary's Boon; Maho beach Cam; (33 News Stories)

V2_1160Jul162018 Hurricane Outlook Changes; Airport Crowds; RIU Palace Sold; Club Orient Update; Busby's Demolished; New Super U Rising; August Island Party; [30 news stories]

V2_1159Jul92018 Beryl; Preclearance Update; FAA Stumbles on Cabin Safety; Simpson Bay Resort's Recovery; Spiga; Busby's & Daniel's; Ziplines; Vacation Giveaway Ending; The Answer to Why [28 news stories]

V2_1158Jul22018: Airport Actions post-WestJet Incident; Evacuees' Luggage; OBBR Assessment; Diamond Writes to T/S Owners; La Samanna Reopening; Westin Status; Many Restaurant & Island Updates; Carrefour News (40 stories)

V2 1157A June 28 2018 SXM Airport Special Edition

V2 1157 June 25 2018 Major Airport Special Edition Coming; Fire at Carrefour Outside Philipsburg; Nine-Hole Golf Course Coming to Loterie Farm, French Side; Tropical Waters Cool; For Atrium Timeshare Owners, Huge "Release" Fees; Royal Island Great Bay T/S Owners Can Rest Easy; Le Petit Hotel in Grand Case Reopens; L'Esplanade Resort, Grand Case, Reopens in November; Timeshare Calendar Updated Thru 2024; Le Pressoir To Reopen in September
(29 news stories)

V2 1156 June 18 2018 SXM Airport Part 1: Preclearance Being Built In; Emergency Landing for Insel Airliner; AA Increasing Seats; BOS-SXM Nonstops Need Your Help; Ocean Club Update Doesn't Answer Bigger Questions; New Multihull Regatta Debuts in February; NAGICO Blames Social Media; Vacationing With Kids in SXM; Charter House 1863 Closed Permanently
(27 news stories)

V2 1155 June 11 2018 Canadian Report: WestJet Narrowly Averted SXM Disaster; Sapphire Resort Moving Toward Late 2018 Reopening; Royal Pal Closets Update; See Anthony Bourdain in SXM; Would-be Robber Shot at Jump-Up Casino; '19 Heineken Regatta Extended by One Day; "14" Cupecoy Twin 21-Story Towers Site Work Begins; SHTA Vision for SXM; SXM's Best Beach Restaurants; Dawn Beach Club Opens Simpson Bay Office
(32 news stories)

V2 1154 June 4 2018 Esmeralda Resort Announces Reopening; Dutch Side Drone Problem; Spiga's Huge Accolades From TripAdvisor; Maho Coming Back To Life; Le Pressoir, Lee's Both To Reopen Later This Year; Heavy Equipment Arrives at New Super U Site in Hope Estate; Emilio's
(34 news stories)

V2 1153 May 28 2018 WestJet Strike Averted; Hurricane Season Starts Early; Our Weather Center is Heavily Updated; SXM Airport Takes Insuror to Court; Airport Tents Vs. Hurricanes; Silence from Sapphire Resort; French Side Armed Robbers Caught, Crime Diminishing; Giving Away Tix to Rainforest Adventures Rides; Boathouse Won't Be Back - Want to Rent It; Corail Helicopters Leaves SXM; Pelikaan Beer Brewed in SXM; No Such Place as SMX
(31 news stories)

V2 1152 May 21 2018 USA Today Gives SXM Huge Publicity; Bad News from Ocean Club; Club Orient Update; Sonesta Ocean Point / Maho Announce Reopening; Copa Air Returning to SXM; Horny Toad Guesthouse Rebuilding; Dump Fire Again; Big Black Dick Rum; Busby's, Daniel's, Great House For Sale
(25 news stories)

V2 1151 May 14 2018 Timesharing Special Edition: WestJet Pilots Take Strike Vote; Divi Reopens; Flamingo Update; Royal Islander Update; Atrium Not For Sale; Sea Palace Timeshare Owners Face Big Assessments; Holland House Reopens; "Pearl of China" Project Still on, But Smaller; Condo, Hotel Projects Moving Forward; Party Time at Isola for JMB Members; Dump Update; French Side News; Seaweed; Passport Renewal; 2018 Hurricane Season Names
(33 news stories)

V2 1150 May 7 2018 WestJet Returns to SXM; Carnival Passengers Rating SXM at Pre-Irma Levels; Flamingo Resort Update; A Long-Time Visitor's Observations; Our Lists of Open Hotels, Timeshares, and Restaurants; Zika, Chikungunya, & You; 2018 SXM Holidays
(29 news stories)

V2 1149 April 30 2018 Planet Hollywood Resort / Casino Coming to SXM; Airport Getting USD$50-million Construction Loan; "American Clinic" Medical Tourism Project Dead; For Many Residents, Irma is Far From Over; Grand Case Restaurant Piazza Pascal For Sale; Domino's SXM Honcho Sounds Off on Tourism; "Below Deck" Relocates from SXM to Tahiti
(34 news stories)

V2 1148 April 23 2018 Dutch Side Getting USD$580-million Recovery Funds; Club Orient Will Rebuild; Ernest & Fidel's Closes; Dutch Police Stay on SXM; Roxxy on Kim Sha is a Big Deal; Rainforest Adventures Ribbon Cutting
(26 news stories)

V2 1147 April 9 2018 2018 Hurricane Forecasts; Westin's Future; More on Sonesta Maho's Future; Alegria Owner Ray Sidhom Loses Again; Clearing Up Simpson Bay Misinformation; Future Hotel/Timeshare Reopenings; Fares Heading Down; 2012-2013 SXM Ship-Tossed Bottle Winds Up in Biloxi
(29 news stories)

V2 1146 April 2 2018 AA Schedule Changes (CLT, MIA); Cupecoy "14" Highrise Firefighting Perspective; Sonesta Maho & Ocean Point Update; Golf
(26 news stories)

Our April Fools Day Parody

V2 1145 March 26 2018 Winter storms delay flights; Airport Traffic Pattern Changes; Norwegian Jewel Says No to French Side; Fire Protection for "14" Twin 21-Story Hotel / Condo Towers; Minor Earthquakes; SBR's Irma Special Assessments
(35 news stories)

V2 1144 March 19 2018 Twin Towers Coming to Cupecoy Opposite Starz Casino; USA Preclearance Still on Airport Agenda; Fall Fares Looking Better; 18 Dogs Die in United's Friendly Skies; Cruise Ship Updates; Indigo Bay
(31 news stories)

V2 1143 March 12 2018 Insurance Company Obstruction Alleged; Ocean Club To Be Demolished; Belair Beach Sold Out Thru April; Bacchus Makes Its Move in Simpson Bay; Try "Sublime" Restaurant in Simpson Bay; Kontiki & Bikini Being Rebuilt
(In-Brief Issue, 10 stories)

V2 1142 March 5 2018 Major East Coast Storm Sends Swells to SXM; Hurricane Season May Be Front-Loaded; Why Some SXM Restaurants Haven't Reopened; New Airport Roof Construction Begins; Sargassum Seaweed Poised to Return; Heineken Regatta Results (26 news stories)

V2 1141 Feb 26 2018
Belair Beach Resort Reopens March 17; Oyster Bay Beach Resort Sets Reopening; Divi Little Bay Beach Resort Targets Reopening; Hotel Mercure Reopening, Enlarging; Updates on L'Esplanade, Grand Case Beach Club, & Le Petit Hotel; Westin; Villa Onyi Update; Summit Resort Demolition Set; Club Orient Launches Rebuilding
(32 news stories)

V2 1140 Feb 20 2018 SBR Says Croton, Calladium, Dieffenbachia Bldgs. Will Be Demolished, Not Rebuilt (Force Majeure); SkipJacks Rebuilding; Dawn Beach Club Update; Sapphire; OBBR; Royal Islander; Summit Resort, Ocean Club, & Force Majeure; The Necessary Evil of Resort Self-Insurance (27 news stories)

V2 1139 Feb 12 2018 New SXM Airport Departure Pavilion Opens; Would-be Loterie Farm Robbers Nabbed by Gendarmes; Updates on Spiga, iZi; Below Deck Moves from SXM to Tahiti; New Places for Lunch; SkyMed (30 news stories)

V2 1138 Feb 5 2018 Lee Evicted; A Different Dump Fire; Toppers Rhum Appears Twice in Love & Hip Hop NY; New Random Wind, Celine 3 Being Readied; Vesna Taverna; Rum & Peas; Simpson Bay Lagoon Volcano Crater(?); JMB Website Supporters Members-Only Party Thrown at Spiga Restaurant (30 news stories)

V2 1137 Jan 29 2018 Shaggy Headlines Heineken Regatta Fun; jetBlue's Sub-$400 Round Trips to SXM; Updates on Royal Palm & Flamingo; Bigger Arrival/Departure Tents Coming; Tourists Bring Supplies for Locals; Some Locals Still Have No Roof or Money; Cruise Passengers Clean Guana Bay Beach; No Sign of Sargassum Seaweed (35 news stories)

V2 1136 Jan 22 2018 Officials Tour Airport For Clarity & Answers; jetBlue Offers Daily Flights; WestJet Plans Return; Ocean Club Timeshare Owners Form Online Group; "Major Brand Hotel" Coming to Happy Bay; Update on La Samanna; SXM Looks at Tsunami Preps; Huge French Side Redevelopment Plans; Yoda Guy Museum Reopens (33 news stories)

V2 1135 Jan 15 2018
Airport Departure Tent almost finished; Air France Returns; La Vista Beach Reopens; Sea Palace Reopens; Pearl of China Update; Restaurant Reconstruction; Quake Fear; Lee's; Passaat Owners Launch New Trimaran (34 news stories)

V2 1134 Jan 8 2018
 Winter Storm GraysonBedevils SXM-Bound Flights; Holland America Returns; Update on Timeshare/Hotel Reopenings; Strong Euro Pushes Up French Side Pricing; Rainforest Adventures, Emilio's Get Rave Reviews; Sushiitto Moves Next To Pineapple Pete, Now Wasabi Charlie's - Same Staff and Menu; Getting to Orient Beach; Shivers in US Bring Smiles to SXM
(31 news stories)

V2 1133 Jan 1 2018
Miss Turtle Pier? Some News for You; Another GEBE Blackout; No New Year's Fireworks; Restaurant Special Edition; Where To Watch American Football
(24 news stories)

2017 Editions

V2 1132 Dec 25 2017 Susan Heller, Former Belair Director, Passes; 10,000 Cruise Passengers Due Today; Christmas Eve Earthquake 5.2; Spiga, Lal's Reopen, Pressoir Closed; Flamingo, Royal Palm Likely Closed Thru 2019 (35 news stories)

V2 1131 Dec 18 2017 Twin Residential / Hotel Towers in Cupecoy Get Gov't Approval; Royal Caribbean Returns; Belair Progress Report from Edna Evans; Evacuees Missing Luggage Problem Solved; Resorts Painstakingly Eliminating Mold; Rainforest Adventures Gives Stunning Views (34 News Stories)

V2 1130 Dec 11 2017
Airport Updates; Disney Cruise Lines Returning; Edna "Pat" Evans Joins Belair as Chief Honcho; Bravo Below Decks "Capt. Lee" in Empathetic Goodbye; Alegria
"Place of Happiness" Anything But; Jimmy Buffett's Free Concert in St. Barths; Timeshare is Double-Edged Sword; Loterie Farm Reopens; Roland Richardson; Lee's Keeps Fighting (34 stories)

V2 1129 Dec 4 2017 2017 Most Expensive Hurricane Season Ever; King, Queen Visit Dutch Side; France Calls for Cooperation; 2018 Prelim Hurricane Forecast; Tijon, Spiga Reopening; Kim Sha Takes in Role of New Orient Beach; Tricia Altenau Leaves SXM Permanently (34 stories)

V2 1128 Nov 27 2017
: Flights/Accommodation Overview (It's Complicated); Emilio's Restaurant Opens at Emilio Wilson Estate With Dino Jagtiani; Owners of Celine Too, Random Wind, and Passaat To Get New Boats; Cruise Ships Return 12/4; Irma Versus Ordinary Hurricanes (29 news stories)

V2 1127 Nov 20 2017: Court Rules Against Lee's; Two Big Timeshares To Reopen Soon; Summit Resort Closed Permanently; King, Queen Coming to SXM 11/30; Viking Cruise Ship Due 12/4; Hundreds of Villas for Rent; Bravo's Below Deck Series in SXM (31 news stories)

V2 1126 Nov 13 2017: Diamond Resorts Billion-Dollar Lawsuit; Dutch Side Parliament Throws Out Prime Minister Marlin; Thank Trinity Houston; Dutch Side Hotels Open (List); Dutch Side Getting $540-Million from Holland; Dutch Side Ready for Tourists, French Side Not So Much (32 stories)

V2 1125 Nov 6 2017: Think of SXM as a Person; Marlin Cabinet Resigns; What to Expect When You Return; Bel Air Reopens in March; Message in a Bottle; Restaurant News Roundup; SXM Benefit Bracelets (22 news stories)

V2 1124 Oct 31 2017: Flash Edition: Dutch Side Government Falls; New Coalition Forms, Agrees to Conditional Aid; We Need Your Help To Continue to Bring You The News

V2 1123 Oct 30 2017
: Atrium Levies Huge Assessment; Prime Minister Marlin Refuses Conditional Help from Holland, throws out Salvage Barges; Will Westin Reopen; (23 news stories)

V2 1122 Oct 23 2017: Irma Damage Estimate Currently USD $5-Billion; Summit Resort Destroyed, Closing Permanently; Is Ocean Club "Closed Permanently"?; Send Groceries to Neediest Families w/o Shipping Costs; Flights to SXM Increasing; Lee's Reopening; Vesna Taverna Hours; Richard Branson; Rum and Peas Reopens; (32 news stories)

V2 1121 Oct 16 2017
: Airport Reopens w/ Steel Band, Rum Punch; Prime Minister Marlin Stalls Holland Aid; Tour Boats Sunk; Staying in Villas Instead of Timeshares; Summit Resort Destroyed; Perch "Lite" Opening at Club Orient (33 news stories)

V2 1120 Oct 9 2017: SXM Airport Opens 10/10/17; AA's $99 Airfare From MIA to SXM; Sapphire's Optimistic Reopening Assessment; "Perch" Coming Back to Club Orient; Island Curfew Lifted; Private Rentals Coming; Carol & Ron Zenaro Offering SXM Bracelet Fundraiser; Rare SkyMed Sale Underway (35 news stories)

V2_1119 Oct 2 2017: Airport Reopening; Irma Storm Damage $2.5-billion; Resort Updates; Jeff "Dr. Soc" Sochrin on Getting Through the Storm; Irma's Impact on Artist Roland Richardson; Poll says Tourists Don't Want to Go Elsewhere; Cupecoy Beach Sign Found in Virgin Gorda, 93 Miles Away; Groceries for Needy Locals (38 stories)

V2 1118 Sept 25 2017
: (Double Issue): Sunwing Buys Sonesta Great Bay; As Electricity Returns, National Nightmare Recalled; Restaurants Reopening; #SXMSTRONG Bracelets from Jeff Jhangiani / DK Gems; How You Can Respond to SXM Pleas for Help (31 stories; Please pardon the odd format)

V2_1117_Sept 18 2017
: Restaurants Reopening Soon; Restaurants Destroyed; Airlines, USAF, Royal Caribbean helping; Water & Electricity returning; 2018 Heineken Regatta Proceeding as Planned; How to Help the People of SXM (34 stories)

V2_1116_Sept 11-12 2017
Irma: Portrait of a Monster (33 Stories)

V2_1115_Sept 7 2017
Report on Irma's Aftermath

V2_1114_Sept 3-4 2017 SXM Prepares for Irma; Latest Irma Watches & Warnings; "Below Deck" Premieres 9/5; Slight Earthquake

V2_1113_August 31 2017
Bulletin Concerning Major Hurricane Irma & Its Threat to SXM

V2_1112_August 28 2017 Storm Forming (turned out to be Irma); Avoid hiking to top of Pic Paradise; New Super U Delayed; Fresh Market Closes; JMB Weather Center Gets Big Upgrade

V2_1111 August 21 2017
Eclipse; GEBE; Huge Update to Our Weather Page on; Le Belle Creole May Be Reborn; Airport Expansion; FIG Restaurant; Lee's Update; Dodging Storms; Dog Days Membership Sale Underway (29 stories)

V2_1110 August 14 2017 NHC / NOAA Ups 2017 Hurricane Forecast; Climate Change Blamed for Increased Turbulence in the Sky; Jacky Rom's New Book; Seaweed Update; Solar Eclipse (26 stories)

V2_1109 August 7 2017 Cheri's Cafe for Sale; Storms Crossing Atlantic; Singer "Seal" Visits SXM; New Ferry Provides Service to Saba; Restaurant Annual Closings Listed; Be Ready for Anything in SXM (31 stories)

V2_1108 July 31 2017 Maho Beachgoer Throws Ball at Aircraft; Pearl of China Update; Sidhom Demolishes Alegria Pool; GEBE Strikes Again, Literally; $255-Million Marigot Revitalization Program "On Track"; SkyMed 1--Year Price Guarantee; Update on Zika, Chikungunya (25 stories )

V2_1107 July 24 2017 Spartaco at OBBR, Sublime at Summit; Gov't Considering Rerouting Traffic to Prevent Airport Fence-Hugging Injuries; Two 20-Story Buildings at AUC (?); MOU Signed for Trash-to-Energy Electric Plant; "Below Deck" Returns 9/5; SkyMed Medevac Protection for $59/month (28 stories)

V2_1106 July 17 2017 Jet Blast Kills Tourist from New Zealand at Airport Fence; Sapphire Complaints; US-SXM "Open Skies" Agreement; Judith R. Remembers "Mama"; Etna Ice Cream Business For Sale (29 stories)

V2_1105 July 10 2017 Climate Change; Taking Pot to SXM; Adopting an Island Dog; Preventing Car Thefts; Saratoga Restaurant (25 stories)

1104 July 4 2017 SXM Weekly News Changing; Pearl of China; "Free" Tunnel Offered by China; Rainforest Adventures Chairlift Q&A; Lee's Roadside Grill; Vesna Taverna (24 stories)

1103a June 29 2017 Next Full Issue is Wednesday July 5. (5 stories)

1103 June 26 2017 Hurricane Season Starts With a Bang; Ron & Carol Zenaro; La Patrona, Delicious Upscale Authentic Mexican; Tijon Expanding in US - How to Get Involved; Vacation from Hell at Alegria; Rainforest Adventures (39 stories)

1102 June 19 2017 New Nonstops from JetBlue & Southwest; US Customs Preclearance in SXM; Sentry Hill Chair Lift; Calendar of Events (41 stories)

1101 June 12 2017 Southwest Air is Coming; Sapphire Assessment; Odessa Timmerman; New Sports Bar; Destination Weddings (pt. 2); Make Your Own Perfume at Tijon (39 stories)

1100 June 5 2017
Busy Hurricane Season Begins; Bomb Hoax Suspect Arrested; Two New Restaurants Open; SXM Destination Weddings; Climate Change Affecting SXM Beaches. (37 stories)

1099 May 30 2017 Airport Bomb Threat; Flooding; NHC Worsens Storm Forecast; Pearl of China Dev't May Move to Mullet Bay; Alegria Takes Marty to Court Again;
Flights Banning Laptops (?); Marco Ferrante Moves to Isola Restaurant; SXM's Desiree Winkel Climbs Mt. Everest
; SkyMed 10Yr Price Guarantee (40 stories)

1098 May 22 2017
Huge JMB Members-Only Discounts at Villa Onyi; Hurricane Forecast Worsens; SXM-Cuba Air Service; Spaghetti House & Other New Restaurants in Cupecoy;
Lees Likely to Stick Around, One Way or Another; Black Friday and 1/2 Sale Ends Soon; Many New Pages on Our Facebook Site; Scam Warning for Timeshare Owners (26 stories)

1097 May 15 2017
Hurricane Predictions Worsen; SXM's Best Timeshare Resorts; Southwest Air to SXM; 776-Room Chinese "Pearl of China" Update (35 stories)

1096 May 8 2017 Delta, United Defy Common Sense; Lee's Update; Sargasso Seaweed; Vacationing With Kids-Grand kids; Sum-Sum-Summertime Vacation Giveaway Begins (35 stories)

1095 May 1 2017
Why Winter Fares are So High; Reserve Vacation Weeks and Extra Days on; "Timeshare Authority"; Euro Rising; (33 stories)

1094 Apr 24 2017 Wrong-way car with driver from Anguilla hits Rum & Peas employees head-on; Gendarmes destroy many illegal scooters; Storm Causes Temp. Lobster Shortage;
Sunwing Gets SXM Marketing Funds; When To Renew Your Global Entry Card & US Passport; Emergency Medevac of SXM Visitors from Florida Visiting Greece (33 stories)

1093 Apr 17 2017 AA 1753 (CLT-SXM) Go-Around; Street Flooding; Passport News; Toppers Rhum in the USA; Melange New Menu; Kokomo Closing Until Nov.;
JMB SkyMed Member Gets Emergency Medical Evacuation from Corfu, Greece, via Athens (37 stories)

1092 Apr 10 2017 USA CBP TSA Pre-Clearance a Near Certainty; Timeshare Authority Proposal; Crown Weather Hurricane Forecast; Trop. Wave, Stable, & Butterfly Farm;
(36 stories)

1091 Apr 4 2017 In-brief edition primarily addressing changes in JMB Membership Services (5 stories)

1090 Mar 27 2017 Five Million Smiles Vacation Giveaway Winners; WestJet Reacts to Low Approach Story; Drownings in Rough Surf; Ron & Carol Zenaro; Music Festival;
Five Millionth Site Visitor; Authentic Mexican at La Patrona(36 stories)

No issue March 20

1089 Mar 13 2017 WestJet 737's Very Low Approach to SXM Airport (detailed story); Insel Air Cancels Most Flights; Heineken Regatta "Epic" Ending; SXM Music Festival;
Is Lee's Closing; Dining Page Heavily Updated (44 stories [a record])

1088 Mar 6 2017 US CBP Preclearance Moves Closer; 2017 Hurricane Names; UB40 To Climax Heineken Regatta; IZI; La Diva (36 stories)

1087 Feb 27 2017 Southwest Airlines is Coming, Jet Blue Growing Flights; Rum & Peas Opens in Simp. Bay; Below Deck "Valor" Docked in Marigot (36 stories)

1086 Feb 20 2017 Oyster Bay Beach Buys Coral Beach Club; Below Deck Cast Filmed for TV Dining at Toppers; Capt. Oliver's Saga Ends; Cugini for Sale; New Super U due
in December (32 stories)

1085 Feb 13 2017 Bravo's Below Deck Series Returns to SXM, Filming Starts, Support Boat Sinks; Blizzards; French-Dutch Dispute; Artist Ruby Bute (35 stories)

1084 Feb 6 2017 US CBP Continues Preclearance Talks; Sudden Blackout Causes AA Jet to Abort Landing; Insel Air Grounded; Westin is Marriott But Still Westin; Val Day Offers for Members Only from Little Europe (35 stories)

1083 Jan 30 2017
KLM 747s, China Pearl Project (Reprises); Summit Resort in Top 1%; Very Low Cost Rentals at Villa Onyi for Members; Old Restaurants; 14-Vacation Giveaway;
Little Europe (35 stories)

1082 Jan 23 2017 Ocean Club Bought; Group Seeks to Rejuvenate Philipsburg; Blackout; Spiga Restaurant; Etna Ice Cream Back; Restaurant Issue (32 stories)

1081 Jan 16 2017 Weather Affects Beaches; More Sapphire News; Simpson Bay Opens La Patrona; Beach Sand Blocks Beacon Hill Rd.; Mario Bistro; (28 stories)

1080 Jan 9 2017 Weather; Simpson Bay Renovations Complete; Eastern Air Lines; Good News on Sapphire; Old Restaurants; Davide Foini / IZI; (23 stories)

1079 Jan 2 2017 New Caribbean Gems Store Opens at Westin; SXM's First Authentic Mexican Rest. Opens at Simpson Bay Resort; La Vie en Rose Reopening; Sunrise, Sunset;
Copter Rides (30 stories)

2016 Editions

1078 Dec 26 2016 New Celine Too Sunset Cruise / Dinner at Stone; New Emilio Wilson Estate Chair Lift / Zipline; A Look Back at "Old" SXM Restaurants (25 stories)

1077 Dec 19 2016 Christmas / New Year's SXM; New Super U; Capt. Oliver's; Rum & Peas Restaurant; New 14-vacation Giveaway Prizes (33 stories)

1076 Dec 12 2016 UAL To Charge for Overhead Bin Use; Gov't. Proposes New Tourist Taxes; Pinel Ferry Captains on Strike; Big Fish Chef Wins Multiple Awards (36 stories)

1075 Dec 5 2016 Spiga's Lara Russo & Jeff on Island 92 Radio; JMB 2017 "Awards of Excellence" Being Distributed; Favorite Places for Seafood; All-New SXM Roadmaps; Military Memberships (29 stories)

1074 Nov 28 2016 December Winds; Dump Fires; Pinel Party Boat Sinks, No One Hurt; Secluded Beaches; Island Maps; Geneve Bay Tidal Pool; Mercure Hotel; Baker's Suites; (32 stories)

1073 Nov 21 2016 Thanksgiving in SXM; Hidden Jewel Hotels; Toppers by the Sea Going Away, Toppers Stays Put; Eclipse, Maltese Falcon Return; GEBE "Load Sharing"; (32 stories)

1072 Nov 14 2016 Moving to SXM; Prizes for "Five Million Smiles" Vacation Giveaway; Roland Richardson's 50 Years of Incredible Art; Capt. Oliver's Restaurant Govt. Squabble; (33 stories)

1071 Nov 7 2016 Sapphire: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly; Pictures of Last KLM 747 in SXM; Authentic Mexican (La Patrona) Coming to Simpson Bay Resort; Hot SXM Dining; (28 stories)

1070 Oct 31 2016 Epic Last Visit of KLM's 747; Lee's Roadside Grill May Disappear from Simpson Bay; How Long Will Cupecoy Beach Last; (27 stories)

1069 Oct 24 2016 KLM 747 Last Flights This Week; Major Construction Coming to Cupecoy; Pearl of China, Aqua Apartments Project Updates; (19 stories)

1068 Oct 17 2016 KLM 747s Disappearing from SXM Airport; Rough Surf from Nicole; Pinel May Get Bungalow Resort; Six Unusual Restaurants; (31 stories)

1067 Oct 10 2016 Alegria Loses Yet Again; Update on Caravanserai, Sapphire, Pearl of China; WHO Advice About Zika; Thanksgiving in St. Maarten; (26 stories)

1066 Oct 3 2016 Winds, Rain from Matthew; Pearl of China May Be Unstoppable; Sapphire; Running Your Own SXM Restaurant; (27 stories)

1065 Sep 26 2016 Jack Parker Passes Away; Pearl of China Groundbreaking; Stores Flee Blue Mall in Droves; (30 stories)

1064 Sep 19 2016 Sapphire; China Pearl Project; Alegria Loses Again; Tropical Wave Restaurant; Clothing-Optional Beaches (23 stories)

1063 Sep 12 2016 Reaction to 776-Room Project at Bel Air Beach; New Project Near Sapphire / Shore Pointe; Blue Mall Marriott? (26 stories)

1062 Sep 5 2016 Govt OK's 776-Room China Pearl Hotel/Apts on Bel Air Beach; Tropical Weather; (23 stories)

1061 Aug 29 2016 Caravanserai Timeshare Owners Win Historic Case Against Ray Sidhom; Tropical Weather; (24 stories)

1060 Aug 22 2016 Timesharing Special Edition; Sapphire Resort (three stories); Simpson Bay Resort; Tropical System Moving Toward SXM

1059 Aug 15 2016 Verdiers Slam Sapphire Owners with Big SMF; Where To Rent/Buy Timeshares From Their Owners; How To Adopt a Dog in SXM

1058 Aug 8 2016 Timeshare Court Case Updates; Hurricane Earl; Seaweed; Plane Makes Nose-First Emergency Landing

1057 Aug 1 2016 Hurricanes; Anticrime Surveillance; Minor Quake; SXM in USA Today

1056 July 25 2016 Timeshare Court Decisions Update; Hurricane Season; Big Loophole in Travel Insurance Policies You Need to Know About

1055 July 18 2016 Crime Update; Sargasso Seaweed; SXM Effect of Terror Attack in Nice, France

1054 July 11 2016 News in Brief; 9 Stories

1053 July 5 2016 Timeshare Special Issue; 32 total stories.

1052 June 27 2016 Moving to SXM; What Gendarmes Look For When They Stop You; Avoid Blue-Pained Parking in Marigot

1051 June 20 2016 Orient Beach Update; Zika Update; Seaweed Update; Timesharing Court Decisions; Weather Update; Update on Island Medical Care / Hospitals; Best Burgers, Fish & Chips, Lobster, Sushi, Desserts, & more (35 stories)

1050 June 13 2016
Timesharing Special Edition: Caravanserai / Alegria; Sapphire Beach Resort; Simpson Bay Resort; Heyliger on GEBE; Richard Branson / Virgin Cruise Line; Marijuana; Who is JMB? (27 stories)

1049 June 6 2016 Caravanserai Timeshare Owners in Court; Alegria; Oyster Bay Beach Resort; News for US / Canadian xPats Living in SXM; SkyMed on Sale; All-Over Tans; SkyMed Q&A; Orient Beach Update (30 stories)

1048 May 30 2016
TSA; Top Resorts After Renovations; GEBE Electric Driving Residents Nuts; Cugini; Island Pizza; SXM Medical Evacuations (24 stories)

1047 May 23 2016
GEBE Troubles; Timeshare Rental Scam; Getting Bankrupt from Emergency Helicopter Evacuations; 10 stories

1046 May 16 2016
New Hotels; Travel Disasters; Dump Fire; Yoda; Best Chinese, Japanese, and Indian Restaurants; Hard Rock; Gourmet Ice Cream 26 stories

1045 May 9 2016
French Side Hospital Fire; A Spectrum of Benefits for JMB Members Only; Best Beaches; WebCams; Tropical Wave; Monkey Investigations; Euro Rising; Sea Turtles; Passport Renewals 38 stories

1044 May 2 2016
Boathouse, Melange, Capt. Frenchy's, Infinity Offering Discounts to JMB Members; Moving to SXM; Starting in Business in SXM; OLD JMB Discount Vouchers Void 16 stories

1043 April 25 2016
Best Smoothies; Global Entry; Airport Approach; Tricia, Roland, and Das; The Real Cost of Emergency Evacuations; Helicopter Rides; 30 stories

1042 April 18 2016
Heavy Rainstorm Coming; CDC on ZIKA Could Spur More SXM Travel; Billionaires In Town

1041 April 11 2016 JetBlue "Mint" Coming; Fire at Alegria Bar; Favorite Restaurants Across SXM; Red Piano

1040 April 4 2016 JetBlue; Cuba; Lack of Promotion; Looking Inside Sapphire & Alegria; Best French Pastry; Mario's Bistro

1039 March 28 2016
Caravanserai; Sidhom; Sapphire/RCI; SkipJack, IZI, Infinity; Caravanserai Timeshare Owners Put Lien on Alegria

1038 March 23 2016
(Mini Edition) RCI/Sapphire Reconnect; Zika

1037 March 22 2016
(Tuesday Edition, Double Issue) Minor Earthquake; Giveaway Winners; RCI/Sapphire; Sam Runza; Hurricane Season Forecast

1036 March 14 2016 Last Call for Ten Vacation Giveaway; French Side Demonstrations; What To Do About Zika (Special Edition, 5 stories)

1035 March 7 2016
More on Zika; Heineken Regatta Results & Pictures; Sapphire Court Decision; Mary's Boon For Sale; Wild Monkeys; How to Meet Gendarmes 31 stories

1034 Feb 29 2016 Heineken Regatta Preview; JetBlue; Eastern Airlines; Zika; Mosquito Repellent choices; SkyMed. 28 stories

1033 Feb 22 2016 JetBlue Drops SJU-SXM Service; Orient; Sapphire; Le Galion / Tropical Wave Demolition; Make Your Own Perfume or Rum; Wildlife in SXM Including Monkeys; SkyMed Takes You Home (Medical Evacuation Memberships & Bonuses for Readers / JMB Members) 35 stories

1032 Feb 15 2016 La Bamba Demolished; Kids Activities; Seaweed; Aircraft Seat Pitch Legislation; 29 new stories.

1031 Feb 8 2016 Pelican Resort Auction Affirmed by Court; Zika; Hurricane Season; Souvenirs from Rima, Windmill; Capt. Neil Roebert's Celine Too Catamaran / Motor Yacht; New Restaurants; 36 stories

1030 Feb 1 2016 Timesharing's Decline in SXM; Three Boats Burn; Zika; New Discounts; St. Maarten Nude Beaches; 24 stories

1029 Jan 25 2016
Sam Runza Returns to Cugini; Mariah Carey Visits Grand Case Beach, Butterfly Farm, & Spiga; Le Pressoir; Orient Beach New Buildings; Best Massages / Tricia; SkyMed Medical Evacuation Membership; Ten Vacation Giveaway

1028 Jan 18 2016
Timesharing Special Edition; Sapphire Court Case / Sitbons / Verdiers; Orient Beach Bars / Restaurants / New Buildings; Island Real Estate; Villa Onyi at Point Blanche

1027 Jan 11 2016 Sapphire; Zika; Club Orient; Cuba's Prospective Impact on SXM

1026 Jan 4 2016 Sapphire; Timeshare Owner Consumer Protection; SXM Maps; New Discounts; New Restaurants

2015 Editions

1025 Dec 28 2015 Simpson Bay Resort Grand Opening; New Discounts; Seaweed Update

1024 Dec 21 2015
Restaurants; Star Wars SXM Connection

1023 Dec 14 2015 Holiday Membership Sale Ending; Seaweed; Wild Monkeys; Climate Change; Baker's Suites; Firefighter-Driven Party Vans; 20 Stories

1022 Dec 7 2015 Alegria lawsuit; Sapphire Taken to Court by Potential Buyer; Mario's; Dino Jagtiani; 27 stories

1021 Nov 30 2015 Rainforest Adventures Groundbreaking; La Bamba Closing; NH Man Injured in Boating Accident Evacuated to Boston; Police Investigating Bomb Hoax

1020 Nov 23 2015 Sapphire in Court; Alegria Loses Again; Syrians; Thanksgiving 30 new stories

1019 Nov 16 2015 USD$300M Marigot Redevelopment; Orient Restaurants; Thanksgiving in SXM 28 new stories

1018 Nov 9 2015 Cugini; Timesharing; Orient Beach; 18 stories

1017 Nov 2 2015
Orient Beach Construction Update; Cugini Restaurant Reopening After All; 16 news stories

1016 Oct 26 2015
French Side Unrest; Changes in Air Travel; Restaurant Changes; Erosion; 37 news stories

1015 Oct 12 2015
Double Issue; Alegria & Marty's Dream Bar

1014 Oct 5 2015 Alegria Situation Worsens

1013 Sep 28 2015
Independence; Eight Vacation Giveaway; Orient Beach Reconstruction

1012 Sep 21 2015 AA Computer Snafu; Mario's Bistro Coming to Dutch Side; Shanghai Brasserie; Orient Beach Reconstruction

1011 Sep 14 2015 Numbers of former Caravanserai timeshare owners joining litigation, 32 other stories including Elisa Cohen's Shanghai Brasserie; $49 for 238 SXM Discounts Sale in Final Week

1010 Sep 8 2015
Timeshare legislation; Important Article on Joining the Caravanserai Litigation Group (see also #1011)

1009 Aug 31 2015 Alegria / Caravanserai Court decision Q&A; Trop. Storm Erika; Alegria appeal; Eight-Vacation Giveaway; Seaweed; 30 SXM news stories. (This edition was misnumbered as 1008 when emailed. The PDF is correct.)

1008 Bulletin Aug24 2015 Bulletin on Caravanserai Court Decision and Trop. storms Danny and Erika; five stories.

1007 Aug 24 2015 Hurricane Danny; D-Day for Caravanserai Court Decision; 27 SXM news stories.

1006 Aug 17 2015 Eyes East for Hurricane Season; Sapphire; Mario's Bistro Moving; 27 stories.

1005 Aug 10 2015 Police hero; Cuba; Beach Cams, 21 stories.

1004 Aug 3 2015 Earthquake, Orient Beach construction, 26 stories.

1003 Jul 27 2015 Effective 7/27 PDF editions do not include any timeshare sale or rental ads of the week. Those are available only in the emailed editions.

1002 July 202015
(Summer Fun Edition)

1001 July132015

1000 July62015
(1000th Edition)

999 June292015

998 June 222015

Caravanserai Timeshare Owners Full-Page Ad in Local Papers

997 June 152015

996 June 82015

995 June 12015

994 May262015

993 May182015

992 May112015

991 May42015

990 Apr272015

989 Apr202015

988 Apr132015

987 Mar302015 (Double Issue, March 30 to April 6)

986 Mar232015

985 Mar162015

984 Mar92015*

982 Feb232015

981 Feb92015

980 Feb22015

979 Jan262015




2014 Editions:










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965 October 27, 2014
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964 October 20, 2014












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