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Activities for Kids in St. Maarten / St. Martin

St Maarten / St. Martin offers a number of activities for children. Among them:

The Butterfly Farm near orient beach. Thousands of butterflies surround you in this fascinating natural world. Wear brightly colored clothing, and you'll soon find butterflies attracted to you. Bring your camera; you'll have a lot of opportunities for photography.

Early in the day, butterflies are specially active as they seek out an early meal. Later, they may be a little less energetic -- easier to photograph.

In any case, the butterfly farm is a great place for children of all ages. More:


The Carousel in Simpson Bay.  Although it's new, the carousel is a classic old fashioned merry go round, complete with music. It's relatively small, but will be great fun for the family.


Beyond the simple attraction of the carousel are many flavors of homemade ice cream including sugar free. It's authentic Italian gelato and is thoroughly enjoyable.


There's also a small souvenir store carrying many different types of carousel related souvenirs.


The Carousel is in a large circular white building with a blue roof in Simpson bay near Federal Express, right on the water. Parking is available in front of the building and on the street.


Beaches, of course, abound in St. Maarten. Three that are especially good for kids are Mullet Bay beach, perhaps the busiest family beach on the island; Friars Bay beach, just north of Marigot; and Le Galion Beach, near the butterfly farm and orient.


  • Mullet bay beach can have rough surf but it is very attractive to young people with boogie boards and to surfers. Be aware that mullet bay may be used topless. 
  • Friars bay beach, on the French side north of Marigot, also frequently used topless, sees many young children. The drop off at the beach may be a bit steep. 
  • Perhaps the best beach for young children is Le Galion, near the butterfly farm and orient beach. It has no significant drop off, is mostly families, and is definitely child friendly and very scenic.


Never leave any valuables in your car or on any beach when you take a walk....

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