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Status of this page: Continuously updated.

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Summit Resort Hotel was destroyed by Irma and is closed permanently.
Ocean Club was severely damaged by Irma and is closed indefinitely (slated for demolition).
Simpson Bay Resort IS OPEN but three of its buildings have been demolished; Croton, Calladium, and Dieffenbachia.
All posts for all destroyed buildings have been removed.


Complete details on the status of all SXM timeshares is in the Files area of our Everything St. Maarten Facebook Site, where it is updated as often as the data changes. In addition to the hundreds of TIMESHARE RENTALS / SALES shown below, hundreds of villas are available: you can reserve one, with or without other couples, for an outstanding and restful vacation that does NOT break the bank. A new companion to this page is our VILLA RENTALS PAGE that shows you Recommended Sources of Villa Accommodations, Recommended Villas, and Villas for Rent from our JMB Website Supporters members. Do check it out.

Also, we're now listing Villas For Rent From our JMB Website Supporters Members just above the bottom of this page, by request from many users of this page.

HOTELS NOW OPEN include Bakers Suites; Princess Heights luxury condos; Belair Beach; Divi; Oyster Bay Beach; Simpson Bay Resort and others you'll find detailed in the Files area of our Everything St. Maarten Facebook Site. It's updated as frequently as new data arrives.

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This page contains:

--- St. Maarten Timeshare Condos for rent or for sale, and other St. Martin and St. Maarten vacation rental / sale properties; now also contains villas homes, land, commercial properties, and more.

--- See our Timesharing Calendar for St. Maarten Resorts here: http://everythingsxm.com/sxm/timeshare_rent_sale/timesharing-calendar.shtml


This page now DOES contain:

-- St. Maarten / St. Martin homes, villas, private condominiums (not timeshares), businesses, residential real estate, commercial real estate; click this new link to get to those listings

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Warnings to Sellers: Scam artists scan rental/sale websites for email addresses, then they contact sellers offering to pay by check in an amount greater than the asking price. At that point they demand the seller write them an immediate check for the difference. Weeks later, by the time the seller's bank discovers the buyer's check is bogus and charges back the seller's account, the seller is out thousands of dollars.

Never do business with such scam artists. See www.fakechecks.org . See important detailed warnings below.

Also... (courtesy Bruce Cameron):

1. Always provide a phone and e-mail contact number for your tenant to reach you in case of emergency.
2. If you are planning to be on island to sort out any issues, let your tenant know and where to reach you. If you aren't, try to be available the afternoon of check in or leave a contact
3. If you change plans and do anything with your own reservations, confirm the requested changes in writing to the reservations department and to your tenant. Things in writing are always best.


HOW THIS PAGE WORKS: Members of JMB Website Supporters can post free timeshare rental / sale ads here. If you are not a member and wish to advertise, click this link: http://everythingsxm.com/sxm/about_sxm/paypal.shtml  . Members who own timeshare weeks must provide the exact dates of the week being rented since many renters do not know what week numbers mean. When submitting an ad, you must EXACTLY follow the format we use below. Ads should be submitted to the email address supplied to JMB Website Supporters; submit ads as far in advance of the "use" date as possible (a year ahead isn't too soon). Ads are accepted from members only, and only by email. Membership renewals must be paid current before any ads are accepted. Limitations apply. JMB usually removes ads when the rental period advertised has been reached. Also, to prevent errors, we never revise ads. If you want your ad revised, please resubmit it and we'll replace the old ad. Once your unit has been rented or sold, please notify us so we can remove it.

RENTERS / BUYERS / USERS OF THIS PAGE: By using this page you agree that any transaction you make with any timeshare owner on this page is strictly between you and the seller / renter. You agree without limitation or recourse to hold harmless JMB Communications and any / all of its employees or agents from any and all claims regarding any rental or sales transaction you conclude through this site. Your agreement is irrevocable.


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Detailed Warnings for Sellers (Revised 4/2018, Please Read).


Very Important Warnings / LEGAL NOTICES: JMB Communications does not act as the agent for any of these properties or parties. Transactions are strictly between sellers and buyers. We are simply providing a means for owners of timeshare weeks in St. Maarten and elsewhere (who are members of JMB Website Supporters) to advertise the availability of their weeks for rent or sale. JMB will assume no responsibility whatsoever for the veracity of any advertisements, for the condition of any units, or for the identity or legitimacy of any buyers. The rental relationship is entirely between you and the party from whom you rent / buy / exchange. Again: it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure they understand what they are buying / renting.

Please note, however, that we accept ads only from paid JMB Website Supporters members who tell us they own the weeks they are advertising. Should any renters have a problem, we believe we have current contact information for all those supplying weeks for rent. In the event of any disputes, we will provide that information to renters if we have the timeshare owner's advance approval. JMB provides no warranty of any kind concerning your rental relationship with any owners listed here.



*SCAM* Warnings to those selling or renting out their timeshares:


We've updated these warnings following a recurrence of scam attempts in May & June, 2017. Please read carefully. (Updated 6/2017)

1. Never accept any sale, rental, or exchange offer from anyone who sends you a cashier's check or money order or any other negotiable instrument for an amount in excess of what you're charging, then demands you pay them the difference in a hurry. There are Internet scam artists who make a living by presenting stolen or counterfeit checks and getting real cash refunds from you for their "overpayments." Don't be a victim. The FBI's cyber crimes unit investigates these incidents. If you receive such an offer, do not respond, do not delete the offer, and contact FBI's office nearest you so you can give them the information they need to apprehend and punish these criminals. (Do not assume that "collected cash" in your account means a check is actually good. Often banks credit deposits and then go to collect from the banks, which may be overseas [recently both England & Spain]. When they find the check is stolen or counterfeit, they charge the entire amount of the check back to you plus fees. Never accept any payment in excess of your price.)

2. Owners who are renting or selling their units, please note: email us at the usual Website Supporters email address if there are any problems with your listing. If the ad needs to be updated, place a new ad and tell us it is a replacement. Don't ask us to edit an ad for you -- we don't, for legal reasons. Please cancel online when your unit has been sold or rented so we can update our listings. You can do that at www.everythingsxm.com/secret/adcancel.html . Your secret site username and password are required.

3. Unscrupulous real estate agents are contacting our advertisers and offering to sell or rent their units. Our sense is that any real estate agent that has to pirate prospect names off the Internet probably has no clue how to market and we suggest you avoid them and their exorbitant fees, which are often several hundred dollars payable up front with no assurance or guarantee of success.

4. JMB Communications merely accepts ads from members and does not act as agent for seller or buyer in any transaction. We will assume no responsibility whatsoever for the success of any buyer-seller transaction. Sellers must employ due diligence to ensure that your buyer and the transaction you agree to is legitimate.

5. If you are approached by anyone by phone or email to buy outright weeks you are only renting -- and the person claims hearing problems as a reason for dealing only by email -- hang up and do not reply to the emails. This is a scam we've written about in St. Maarten / St. Martin Weekly News (see our home page to subscribe, free). 

FBI WARNINGS -- Please read these warnings before going farther: http://www.fbi.gov/sandiego/press-releases/2012/timeshare-marketing-scams (revised 2/8/2012)

Important Advice To Buyers/Renters

Please be sure you understand the seller's refund policy before you rent or buy a unit. Our advice to sellers / renters is to give full refunds on cancelled trips when the cancellation is made six months or more before the travel date. Renters should buy travel insurance from their travel agent to cover the cost of airfare and rentals in case they must cancel at the last minute; renters should not expect refunds if they cancel six months or less before their travel date.

Also...we thank Bruce Cameron for the following advice to buyers / renters: Always get a formal reservation acknowledgement from the Reservation department at your resort on St. Maarten. The seller should either provide this or give you an e-mail address at the resort from which to get it.

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St. Maarten / St. Martin Timeshare & Non-Timeshare Condominiums / Apartments / and Villas for Rent or Sale

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International (NON-SXM) Timeshares & Other Condos for Rent or for Sale


Worldwide Timeshare Condominiums for Rent or Sale NEW

International Condos for Rent or Sale (Alphabetical by Country)



Before You Start: All listings are for St. Maarten unless otherwise noted. We now accept ads for timeshare condos for rent or sale worldwide, which we publish in a separate section as noted above. For info on placing listings, click "Low Fares - Island Wide Discounts" at left or "300+ SXM Discounts" in the page curl, top right, for JMB Website Supporters membership info. Website Supporters members should email us at the special address for JMB Website Supporters members only. Ads are accepted from JMB members only.

You can get great rates for timeshare condo accommodations by renting directly from the owners. Please tell these people you saw their ad on the JMB / Jeff Berger St. Maarten website or in our free newsletter. Ads are Posted chronologically. JMB will not be held responsible for any typographical errors, regardless of who committed them.

Note To JMB Website Supporters who give us rental listings: Please advise when your unit has been rented so we can remove it from our list.



Location List of St. Maarten / St. Martin Resorts & Timeshares

We are adding resorts to this chart as necessary. We list resorts where people have offered rentals on this page, or where we expect rentals to be offered. We're also now adding villas that list with us. Resorts in boldface type are commonly available. Listing received a major update 3/29/19. Also see the Files on our Everything St. Maarten Facebook Site. Not responsible for any errors or omissions.

For detailed information about timesharing resorts, subscribe to our free St. Maarten & St. Martin Weekly News.

Alegria Resort (formerly Caravanserai)
Dutch Side, Caribbean end of airport runway. Alegria is attempting to convert from timeshare to hotel and has voided all timeshare weeks, so DO NOT rent any from anyone.
Anse Marcel Beach Resort (formerly Le Domaine)
Upscale, on Anse Marcel Beach, very heavy renovations 2017 now being fixed after Irma.

AquaMarina Condominiums

Dutch Side, Point Pirouette (accessible by road from Maho area)


Dutch Side, Red Pond / Gibbs Bay, went belly up in 2012....

Arbor Estates Condominiums

Dutch Side, Cupecoy Area

(Festiva) Atrium Resort, OPEN

Dutch Side, Simpson Bay, Billy Folly Road near drawbridge


Dutch Side, Bel Air area, Belly up years ago.

Beach Daze Villa OPEN
Oyster Pond

Belair Beach Hotel OPEN

Dutch Side, Little Bay

Caravanserai Resort now renamed Alegria; see that entry for important info

Dutch Side, End of Airport Runway

(The) Cliff

Upscale, Dutch Side, Cupecoy Beach

Coral Beach Club, Still closed for repairs.

Dutch Side, Dawn Beach near Westin; most units recently acquired by Oyster Bay Beach Resort

Cupecoy Beach Club

Dutch Side, Cupecoy Beach, Open

Dawn Beach Club (Westin), Now Reopened Dutch Side, Dawn Beach (Westin)

(Diamond) Flamingo Beach Resort, closed for repairs, mid-2020 reopening

Dutch Side, Simpson Bay / Pelican Key

(Diamond) Royal Palm Resort, closed for repairs, mid-2020 reopening

Dutch Side, Simpson Bay

Divi Little Bay OPEN

Dutch Side, Little Bay

Festiva, see Atrium  
Flamingo, See Diamond Flamingo  

Geo Villas, Mostly destroyed by Irma

Dutch Side, Guana Bay

Great Bay Beach, See Sonesta  

Hilton St. Maarten

Dutch Side, Cay Bay, Construction not started, no word on if/when; Part of Indigo Bay

(The) Horny Toad

Dutch Side, on Simpson Bay Beach

Indigo Bay

Dutch Side, Cay Bay, Construction well underway but units are mostly privately owned and don't rent. The top guy there recently declared bankruptcy...

La Domaine, See Anse Marcel Beach Club

French Side, Anse Marcel

La Samanna Villas French Side, Lowlands, relatively new very upscale villa community at La Samanna resort; now reopened.

La Vista Resort / La Vista Beach, OPEN

Dutch Side, Simpson Bay / Pelican Key

Maho Beach, See Sonesta  
Mandara Residences Red Pond, Dutch Side; construction never got going....
Marriott St. Maarten No such animal BUT the Westin St. Maarten takes reservations using Marriott Honors Points. A Marriott may be coming. See St. Maarten Weekly News for updates.

Mary's Boon Beach Plantation, OPEN

Dutch Side, on Simpson Bay

Marriott Constellation St. Maarten at Red Pond

Dutch Side, Red Pond, Construction halted; part of Aquarius project which went belly up in Summer, 2012. Nothing has happened in that area since.

Monte Vista Dutch Side, Hilltop Condominium Community near Philipsburg

Ocean Club Severely damaged by Hurricane Irma and closed permanently. Unconfirmed reports say owner has declared bankruptcy. Should be demolished.

Dutch Side, Cupecoy Beach

Oyster Bay Beach Resort, OPEN

Dutch Side, Dawn Beach -- Oyster Pond; they recently acquired most units at Coral Beach Club

Pelican Resort, see Simpson Bay Resort


PLANET HOLLYWOOD RESORT, Great Bay Dutch Side, Great Bay, CONSTRUCTION starts in 2019, late 2020 opening expected.
Porto Cupecoy Dutch Side, Cupecoy Area; upscale condominium community. Little damage from Irma.
Princess Heights Condominiums OPEN Dutch Side, Dawn Beach

Radisson Blu, see RIU

French Side, Anse Marcel

Rainbow Beach Club

Dutch Side, Cupecoy Beach

RIU Palace Hotel, formerly Radisson
French Side, Anse Marcel; Name Change Coming to SECRETS
Royal Islander Club / La Plage, Now reopened Dutch Side, Maho Beach

Royal Islander Club / La Terrasse, Now reopened.

Dutch Side, Maho Beach

Royal Islander GREAT BAY, closed for repairs
Timeshare; Great Bay, Dutch Side
Royal Palm, See Diamond Royal Palm  
Sapphire Beach Club Resort, Some units are now open
Dutch Side, Cupecoy Beach
SECRETS Resort, formerly RIU Palace Resort, expected to open early 2020.
Anse Marcel, French Side

Shore Pointe at Cupecoy, Reopened.

Dutch Side, Cupecoy Beach

Simpson Bay Condos** Dutch Side, Simpson Bay
Simpson Bay Resort & Marina / Villas # FULLY OPEN Dutch Side, Simpson Bay / Pelican Key #

St. Maarten Sea Palace OPEN

Dutch Side, Downtown Philipsburg

Sonesta Great Bay Beach Hotel (Destroyed & demolished); see Planet Hollywood Resort)

Dutch Side, Great Bay

Sonesta Maho Beach Hotel, NOW REOPENED Dutch Side, Maho Beach
Sonesta Ocean Point, NOW OPEN Dutch Side, Maho Beach, new
Son Risa Dutch Side, Pelican Key

Summit Resort Hotel -- Destroyed by Hurricane Irma and closed permanently.

Dutch Side, Lagoon, Cupecoy Area

The Cliff, see Cliff  
The Horny Toad, see Horny Toad  

Westin St. Maarten, Dawn Beach Club; Westin closed, no word on reopening; DBC reopened, partially.

Dutch Side, Dawn Beach

Towers at Mullet Bay, Under renovations; still closed. Units being rented to NON timeshare owners, making those owners furious.

Dutch Side, off Mullet Bay in Cupecoy Area

(Wyndham) Sapphire Beach Resort

Dutch Side, Cupecoy Beach; not a Wyndham; see Sapphire; another rebranding is possible but not likely. .

*part of Simpson Bay Resort, formerly Pelican Resort
**not affiliated with Simpson Bay Resort
# Note: Pelican Resort and Pelican Marina Residences have undergone a name change to Simpson Bay Resort & Marina,
which at the end of 2016 completed a massive $35-million renovation.

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HOT BARGAINS (Units for Rent for $500 or Less or for Sale for $1000 or Less

Units are listed chronologically by month, not year. Units about to expire are always shown first.

None currently.

2019 Weeks for Rent or Sale --  Floating Or Flexible Weeks -- Timeshare & Other Condominium Properties Resorts / VILLAS

Units for sale are clearly marked FOR SALE.

(Scroll Down for Chronological Weeks at All St. Maarten / St. Martin Timeshare Resorts)

Important Note: Royal Palm and Flamingo are listed as DIAMOND ROYAL PALM and DIAMOND FLAMINGO because they're Diamond Resorts.


None currently.

ARBOR ESTATES VILLAS (Mullet Bay / Cupecoy Beach Area)

None currently.


FLOATING WEEK 4/6/2019 12/14/2019 atrium one bedroom floating week week 15 to 50 1000 bob 15199809204 BARQUETTE@SYMPATICO.CA Posted 1/19.


See the link to this property on our new Villas page.


None currently.


RENTAL Now until 12/31/2019 The Cliff at Cupecoy Beach Our luxurious 4th floor condo is available as a 2 BR/ 2.5 bath or a 1 BR/ 1.5 bath. The master BR includes a king-sized bed in an over sized bedroom. The condo has two large balconies that look out over the Caribbean Sea and the French-side mountains. A spacious great room includes a dining area, full kitchen, and comfortable family room. Free WiFi. The Starz Casino complex (including restaurants) and beaches are within walking distance. The Cliff has two pools, an exercise room, saunas, steam rooms, a tennis court, and a full-service Spa. For more information: http://www.VRBO.com/445200 from $215 per night Paul - 941-306-2045 lvsconsult@aol.com Posted 2/2016.


None currently.


None currently.


None currently.


None currently.


RENTAL 5/1/2019 11/30/2019 Floater DIVI LITTLE BAY Spacious studio-sleeps 5. Located on private peninsula between 2 bays. Beach front unit. Balcony w/chairs. Ocean stunning views. Beautiful décor w/tile floors, huge Jacuzzi in bath w/rainbow colors lights changing in jacuzzi, huge shower. Mini full kitchen, safe, water sports, 2 high quality ocean view restaurants, 4 pools, 3 hot tubs, deli, café, gym, grocery store & free internet. 1 mile of pristine beach almost private. 24 hr. security. Beautiful waterfall pool on hill. Fort Amsterdam on property. 900 Teddy 510-601-1154 girlsrule5@earthlink.net Posted 2/19.

FLAMINGO -- See Diamond Flamingo.


None currently.


None currently.

MONTE VISTA (Hilltop Villa Colony SE SXM Overlooking Great Bay)

None currently.


None currently. Resort closed indefinitely thanks to Irma.


SALE 1/5/2019 1/4/2020 floating week Oyster Bay Beach Resort This annual week Studio for 2 is Interval International premier resort on the beach. With kingsize bed, 1 bathroom, kitchen facility and balcony .It is an ideal location for a couple's getaway on the beach, although there is a possibility to upgrade it to 1, 2 or 3 bedroom unit. Available for use from 2019 year. Friendly resort with restaurant, swimming pool, live entertainment, gym, laundry, shop, beauty spa and more. $14 800. tel: 0044 1202 707586 $14,800 Helena 0044 1202 707586 helena.thurston@talktalk.net


None currently.


None currently.




ROYAL PALM - See Diamond Royal Palm.


FLOATING WEEK FOR RENT 1/5/2019 4/30/2019 Sapphire Beach Club Studio with a direct, breathtaking ocean view. Easily sleeps a family of four or two couples. Folding doors separate the suite into two separate rooms (bedroom & living room). King sized bed in the bedroom area, with a queen size sleeper-sofa bed located in the living room area. Each area has its own TV. Kitchen area has a granite counter top and is fully equipped with full size refrigerator, stove and a microwave, pots, pans, dishes, utensils, etc. Gorgeous white-marble bathroom. Jacuzzi is located on the private balcony. Resort provides housekeeping 3 times/week for weekly rentals. Resort courtyard has a cafe/restaurant, pool, and its own mini-mart and parking garage. Web site: http://www.sxm-hotels.com/sbc254/ $800/week Jim 978-392-0386 ajdemone@aol.com Posted 1-19.



None currently.



Dawn Beach Club now partly reopened.


None currently listed.

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2019 Rentals Wanted* (Chrono Order)

WARNING: *Before sending money to anyone, verify their identity and ownership. Don't be a victim of scam artists. See the detailed warnings at the top of this page.

RENTAL 2/1/2020 2/8/2020 Week 5 Simpson Bay Resort and Villas Looking to rent a 2 bedroom unit at Simpson Bay Resort in either Flamboyant bldg or Villas. Lola Mucklady@hotmail.com



Units for In-House Exchange


None currently.


None currently.


None currently.

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ST. MAARTEN TIMESHARING CALENDAR --- 2019 through 2024 (Recently Updated)
This calendar was supplied by Royal Resorts Group / Simpson Bay Resort, St. Maarten.
It's possible that dates for other resorts differ; check directly with the resort to see.
See http://everythingsxm.com/sxm/timeshare_rent_sale/timesharing-calendar.shtml

2019 Rentals -- CHRONOLOGICAL, ALL RESORTS (See also non-timeshare villas, posted separetely, below)

Got An Ad Here?

Want it to Appear First for its rental / sale date?

Upgrade to Platinum Membership -- Just extend your membership so it expires more than 10 years into the future. Simple as that -- all ads you place after you're
Platinum appear first for their date.

[If other Platinum ads were placed before you placed yours, they'll go first. All Platinum ads are highlighted and can include pictures, too. See the Secret Site for more information.

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RENTAL 4/6/2019 4/13/2019 Week 14 Royal Islander Club La Plage 5th floor one bedroom, sleeps 4 (one king and two twins) full kitchen, close to Maho Village and Beach $750.00 Riley 973-570-7201 hpierce@gaf.com Posted 2/19.

RENTAL 4/13/2019 4/20/2019 Atrium Resort and Spa Penthouse with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, plus a murphy bed in living room, sleeps 8. Full size kitchen with dining area seating 6. Large terrace overlooking lagoon and side ocean views, balcony off each bedroom and dining area. 1250 Steve 9173798349 SSKALICKY@YAHOO.COM Posted 3-19.


RENTAL 4/13/2019 4/20/2019 Week 15 Simpson Bay Resort This is a Studio sleeps 4 with a king size bed, and 2 Muphy beds, Large living and dining area with a fully equipped kitchen, Extra large balcony with ocean and sunset views, TV, free WiFi throughout resort, Recently refurbished, Close to large pool with swim up bar, Resort has restaurants, deli, shops, casino, beach, water sports, 5 swimming pools, tennis courts, childrens playground with kiddy pool, and private Marina, Less than 10 minutes from the airport. $1140/week Call or Text Brian at 561-339-0728 bermeling@gmail.com Posted 12/18.

RENTAL 4/13/2019 4/20/2019 Week 15 Atrium This is a one bedroom unit that sleeps 4. It has a full kitchen. There is a restaurant on site. There is a pool and a short walk to the sandy beach. $900.00 per week Jayne 1-508-728-9118 jaynefitz@aol.com Posted 3,19.

RENTAL 4/20/2019 4/27/2019 Oyster Bay Beach Resort Studio (sleeps 2). Accommodations include A/C, small kitchen (stovetop burners, microwave, kitchen sink, refrigerator) and patio/balcony. Infinity pool, beach, hotel spa, fitness center, restaurant and marina all on site. $1,000 Alyssa (917) 902-9836 acramercohen@gmail.com Posted March '19.

RENTAL 4/28/2019 5/5/2019 Week 17 Royal Islander La Plage St Marrten 3rd Floor Two bedroom Antillean unit Sleep six maximum include two private balconies overlooking the ocean and tropical gardens. Living room with sleeper sofa, Dining area with seating for four Fully equipped kitchen Refrigerator Dishwasher Microwave Two spacious bedrooms with a king-size in the master bedroom and two full size beds in the guest bedroom Three TV sets In room safe Electronic key-card system $1,700 5198194733 royalislanderowners@gmail.com Posted 9-18.

RENTAL 5/4/2019 5/11/2019 Week 18 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina Beautiful villa one bedroom suite in the lovely villas of the resort. Has a full kitchen, large bathroom with vanity, 2 sinks, tub, living area with large deck overlooking Simpson Bay. Resort has restaurants, casino, convenience store, piano bar all on property. Within walking distance are many great places to eat. at the end of the week, renter responsible for $50 resort tax to the resort at check out. Bedroom has a king sized bed, large closet with safe for valuables. In living room there are 2 pull down Murphy single beds to sleep 2 more. Total sleeping capacity for unit: 4 people. $1,350 Alan 603-520-0976 aklsp@metrocast.net Posted Jan 19.

RENTAL 5/5/2019 5/12/2019 Week 18 Royal Islander Club - La Plage 1 Bedroom $700 Chad 904-425-1308 chadandkerry@comcast.net Updated 3-19.

RENTAL 5/11/2019 5/18/2019 Week 19 Royal Islander Club La Plage NOW RENTED ll

RENTAL 5/12/2019 5/19/2019 Week 19 Divi Little Bay Beach Resort 1 BR, sleeps 4, separate living room, fully equipped kitchen, A/C, wifi, flat screen TV, in room safe, ocean front balcony, swimming pools with swim up bar, amazing beach, onsite restaurants, 3 bars, full water sports center, pier for excursions, full service spa, fitness center, on-site car rental, close to Phillipsburg. Sunday check-in. Security deposit at check-in. Timeshare and electricity taxes due upon check-out. $1,200 Juli 919-584-5538 carolinahurricanes17@nc.rr.com Posted 2-19.

RENTAL 5/18/2019 5/25/2019 Week 20 La Vista Beach Resort Deluxe studio (sleep 4) NOW RENTED pb

RENTAL 5/26/2019 6/2/2019 Week 21 Royal Islander Club La Plage NOW RENTED ll

RENTAL 6/1/2019 6/8/2019 Week 22 La Vista Beach Resort Sun filled two bedroom corner unit on third floor (top floor) with spectacular ocean views. The unit has a full kitchen, two full baths, a large balcony overlooking the pool and beach, tv's and wifi. The resort has a restaurant and bar on site, two pools, and is only a short drive from Princess Juliana airport. It is conveniently located near shops, restaurants, and grocery stores, many within walking distance. Enjoy the sound of the waves from the balcony! La Vista Beach Resort is a small quaint family managed resort with friendly personal service. $925 Dave 703-771-7639 drsherf@aol.com Posted 3/19.

RENTAL 6/23/2019 6/30/2019 Week 25 Royal Islander Club La Plage 2 Bedroom lock out, 3rd floor. 1050 Patrick 516-220-6500 poc53@msn.com Posted 1-19.

RENTAL 8/24/2019 8/31/2019 Week 34 Simpson Bay Resort & Marina Corner Penthouse Unit in the Flamboyant with views of both Simpson Bay and the Ocean. 2 Bedroom unit right on the Beach, sleeps 6, two baths, wall safes in closets, kitchen, dining area, 2 Murphy beds, living room, free Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs, and two large balconies overlooking the beautiful Caribbean. Resort has restaurants, casino, gym, tennis courts, mini market, bakery, Olympic pool and swim up bar, Marina, water sports and a beautiful beach. Unit is just a few steps away from the beach, Marina Pool, and Beach Bar. $1,600 Frank 516-425-6714 f1leichtle@optonline.net Posted 3-19.

RENTAL 10/19/2019 11/2/2019 Week 42 and/or 43 LaVista Beach Resort Week 42 studio, top floor, week 43 is studio, ground floor. Great location, nearby grocery, restaurants and casino. 2 swimming pools on property with great views of the ocean. Renter will pay timeshare TAX OF $50 per week. Rental is $900 per week or $1700 for both weeks Sandy 727-580-4343 kpsandy@tampabay.rr.com Posted Jan '19.

RENTAL 11/9/2019 11/16/2019 Week #45 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina Sleeps 6! Oceanfront Penthouse with 2 king Bedrooms and 2 full baths. Large living room with 2 murphy beds, large dining area and full kitchen. Huge balcony that includes a private hot tub! 3 swimming pools on property with a beautiful fully equipped private beach. Walking distance to supermarket and lots of great restaurants! $2,200 Tammy . 917-929-7783 Tammyl143@aol.com Posted 2,19.

RENTAL 12/14/2019 12/21/2019 week 50 Royal Islander La Plage 1 bedroom, sleeps 4, lobby level, ocean/pool view $895.00 plus $50.00 timeshare share tax collected at check-in Sandy 704-567-6661 molloytravel@carolina.rr.com Posted 2,19.

ENTAL 12/21/2019- 12/28/2019 Week 51 The Villas at Simpson Bay Resort 4th Floor unit close to the marina building, 2 bedroom unit (sleeps 6) features a large master suite with king bed, full kitchen, living room, 2 Murphy beds, and 2 flat screen TV's. and a huge balcony, overlooking Simpson bay. The Jr. suite has an efficiency kitchen, 2 full beds, private balcony, and flat screen TV. $2500.00. A $50 timeshare tax due to resort at check out. Will consider renting units separately 1 bedroom, $1550, jr suite $1050. Contact Diane Mazzei @ 609-364-4655 or dlmazzei@comcast.net pl

RENTAL 12/21/2019 12/28/2019 week 51 Simpson Bay Resort Wk 51 Luxury 3-Br, 3-Ba Patio overlooks M Pool and docs. Private parking space Wk 51 (Christmas week) $3,200 Charles 708-254-8444 ceeck@lincolnmtg.com Posted 3-19.

RENTAL 12/21/2019 1/4/2020 Week 51 & Week 52 (Christmas and New Years weeks) Simpson Bay Resort 2-Br, 2-Ba nice unit. Located across from the A pool and close to the B pool $4,000 for both weeks Charles 708-254-8444 ceeck@lincolnmtg.com

RENTAL 12/28/2019 1/25/2020 Weeks 52, 1, 2, and 3 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina Luxurious Junior Suite in the Villas at SBR features; two dbl beds, large bureau, desk, flat screen tv, wall unit closet w/safe and a balcony overlooking the bay. The bathroom features private dressing area with dbl sinks and large tub/shower. An efficiency kitchen provides a small refrig., sink, microwave, toaster and coffeemaker. Room is on the 4th floor in the building closest to the marina and within steps to the beach and conveniences. $1,000/week. Diane, 609 364 4655 dlmazzei@comcast.net pl


Rentals for 2020

RENTAL 1/4/2020 1/11/2020 week 1 Simpson Bay Resort & Marina Beach front 2 bedroom unit on 2 levels, sleeps 6 comfortably, beautifully refurbished, both bedrooms with kingsize beds, 2 murphy beds in living room, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, 2 balconies on both levels overlooking water.On site : swimming pools, restaurants, mini market, casino, shops, gym, tennis courts, free WIFI, concierge, car rental $2,400 Helena 0044 1202 707586 helena.thurston@talktalk.net Posted March '19.

RENTAL 2/8/2020 2/15/2020 week 6 Atrium Resort 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo waterfront with living room and kitchen and a balcony. Extra fees are $3/person per day utility fee, $1.50/person per day environmental fee and $50 resort tax per week payable to resort. $2,650 Pam 757-868-6001 pam_falls@msn.com Posted 3/19. #1

RENTAL 2/8/2020 2/15/2020 Week 6 Atrium Beach Resort and Spa Enjoy a large studio unit on the 7th floor with a full kitchen and a king size bed that sleeps two people. The outdoor balcony overlooks the Caribbean Sea and the Simpson Bay Lagoon. This beachfront resort is on the Dutch side of the island less than two miles from the airport. It's amenities include a beach side pool, a full service staff, and an adjacent waterfront bar and restaurant. Timeshare tax and utility surcharge not included. $800 per week Carol 248-887-7474 Tazam@comcast.net Posted 3-19. #2

RENTAL 3/7/2020 3/21/2020 Week 10, Week 11 The Villas at Simpson Bay Resort & Marina Master and Junior Suites together accommodate 6 people. Master consists of a full kitchen, king size bed/master bedroom, 2 Murphy beds/living room, spacious bathroom with separate double vanity area. Beautiful, large deck overlook Simpson Bay. Junior suite (lock out) has 2 full beds, small kitchen, and a spacious bathroom with a separate double vanity. The resort has a fitness center, multiple pools, and everything you would expect from a five star resort. **All boat excursions are located onsite and available directly from the resort. The Simpson Bay restaurants are all within walking distance. Timeshare tax (approximately $50) is not included in the rental price. $2,400.00 per week. Rosanne 609-613-0728 mess113@yahoo.com Posted 3,19.


Low-Priced Timeshare Condos For Sale By Owners -- Floating Weeks (resorts listed alphabetically)


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St. Maarten & St. Martin Villas for Rent (new)

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==Floating Weeks == Private Condos ===

Non-Timeshare St. Maarten or St. Martin Condos / Apartments / Villas For Rent or For Sale

RENTAL 9/15/2018 9/15/2019 ISLAND DREAMS, CORAL SHORES VILLAS, PELICAN KEY - Spacious 2000 sq. ft.villa with a 45 sq.ft. private deck overlooking the turquoise sea, villa pool, unobstructed wraparound ocean views- 2 bedroom, 2 bath private villa in Pelican Key with huge deck and clean, spacious and comfortable interior- Large, s April 15-Nov. 15, 1-2 guests $1,400. per week, 3-4 guests, $1,750 per week; Nov. 15 - April 15, 1-2 guests $2,100. per week, 3-4 guests $2,625. per week. Judith 3109942218 canadared@aol.com


RENTAL 1/26/2019 2/2/2019 4 Atrium Resort and Spa WANTED TO BUY or rent at Atrium Resort and Spa a studio or prefer one bedroom unit above third floor. John (810) 694-1607 johnld47@aol.com


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Condo Memberships With Points for Sale (new)

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RCI Points For Sale

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Chronological Listing of Floating & Fixed Timeshare Condo Weeks For Sale

Important note to those posting Sale ads: Ads are removed either when you notify us that the week has been sold, or about one year after the dates in your ad.


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Important - look by month, not by year. All listings for a particular month are listed together to make your search as quick/simple as possible.

SALE 1/5/2018 2/9/2018 WEEKS 1-5 The Royal Palm Ocean Front Penthouse! 3 bedrooms/3 full baths. New updated Appliances (Refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, dishwasher, stacked washer/dryer). Heated jacuzi tub on 80 foot long balcony. Upscale resort with restaurant,fabulous swimming pool,swim up bar, daily activities, shopping, beach front,complete gym, grocery store, walking distance to 10 great restaurants.Parking and security on site.10 minute drive from airport. Across the road from the Mega Yachts in Simpson Bay Lagoon. Will sell or rent as a "block". for sale $18,000 a week or rent for $2500 a week Howard 913-642-6641 howardlstark72@gmail.com Posted 917.

SALE 1/5/2019 1/12/2019 Week 1 Simpson Bay Resort & Marina NOW SOLD ss

SALE 1/5/2019 1/12/2019 1 Simpson Bay Resort & Marina Week 1 Newly renovated and fully equipped one bedroom (largest 1 bedroom in the building) in Bougainvillea Building, 4th floor, sleeps four (King bed in bedroom, two Murphy beds in living room), magnificent view from balcony of Simpson Bay and sunsets, located poolside. Gym and tennis courts. Restaurants, shopping, casino and marina all within walking distance. $6750.00 (negotiable) Amy 856-905-0478 Amyjschwarz@yahoo.com $6,500.00 Posted 11/18

SALE 1/19/2020 1/25/2020 Week 3 Divi Little Bay Two bedroom ground floor beachfront Villa. Beautiful views of Little Bay Beach from the three balconies, one off each bedroom and one off the living room. There are two full bathrooms, one with jetted tub, a washer and dryer, a full kitchen plus a half kitchen in the second bedroom. and three flat screen TV's with a DVD player in the living room. This unit sleeps 6 with a king size bed in each bedroom and a pull out queen sofa in the living room. The resort has three restaurants, three pools, one with a swim up bar, hot tubs, onsite market, jewelry store, and gift shops. Spa and watersports are also on property. Divi is close to Philipsberg shopping and car rental available on site. 14,999,00 Karen (413) 4431958 mzdayzee@aol.com Posted 1/19.

SALE 1/20/2019 1/27/2019 Week 3 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina Poolside sleep 2 studio on the ground floor which has been newly renovated in the lower "B" building. Close to pool, beach, restaurants and shopping. $1,800.00 Debbie 330-503-1410 dmorri3035@gmail.com Posted 6-18.

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SALE 2/2/2019 2/9/2019 week 5 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina A newly renovated sleep 4 studio in the Marina Building. Easy access to parking and resort stores as well as both beach, marina and resort restaurants. $6,000 Tony 1-610-566-3250 rooklin@verizon.net Posted 12-18.

SALE 2/9/2019 2/16/2019 Week 6 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina Flamboyant bldg. Two bedrooms,two bathrooms, two patios upper and lower. Unit is directly on the beach. Close to pool also with swim up beach bar and grill. Downstairs has capacity to sleep two more with pull down Murphy beds. Total 6 comfortably. Fully stocked kitchen, dining, living room, master suite, bath, patio overlooking beach, lower level. Upper level master suite, bath , full patio as well. Directly on beach, fantastic views, and beach access. Stainless, granite, all new furniture. Resort has many pools, casino, shopping, grocery,bakery,restaurants,tennis,playground. $21,000.00 Karen 774-264-1267 Rinkydyl51@aol.com Posted 4/18...

SALE 2/9/2019 2/16/2019 Week 6 Sapphire Beach Club One privacy bedroom, Pull out couch which makes it a sleep 4 unit. Full kitchen. Balcony looking over ocean. Parking garage underneath or parking in front of building. Bar-restaurant on premises. Also have a convenient store & salon for all your needs. 14,998.00 Susan 609-476-4166 slzang1@aol.com Posted 7-18.

SALE 2/9/2019 2/16/2019 6 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina One bedroom 4th floor end unit in the lower B building with awesomeview of Simpson Bay. King bed with Murphy beds in living room. $10,500 Tom 920-450-3954 tom@tomharke.com Posted 9,18.

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SALE 2/11/2019 2/23/2019 Week 7 Diamond Flamingo Beach Resort Ocean front extra large 1st floor end studio with great view, King size bed and queen pull out couch, 2 TV's, Full kitchen, dining table and patio that overlooks beach. There is a partition that separates sleeping area for privacy. Resort has midweek maid service, 2 beaches, large infinity pool and is an easy walk to Hollywood Casino, several restaurants, Peli Deli mini-mart, & gift shops. Free Parking on premises. $8,000.00 M.J. 978-369-9305 maryjtn@gmail.com Posted 7-17.

2/16/2019 2/23/2019 Week 7 Simpson Bay Resort & Marina President's Week. Beautiful newly renovated one-bedroom unit, sleeps four. Air-conditioned unit, large private bedroom with king-size bed, living room with 2 additional pullout murphy beds. The in-room fully equipped kitchen includes a refrigerator, a stove with oven, and a microwave. The private bathroom has a walk-in shower, as well as a hair dryer and a makeup/shaving mirror. Complimentary wireless internet access. This 4th floor unit, in the Beaumontia Bldg (lower B) has a balcony with gorgeous ocean views, beautiful sunsets overlooking Simpson Bay. Resort offers several pools, many restaurants, tennis courts, new fitness center, a convenience store, water sports, casino, and The Red Piano piano bar. Many local restaurants and bars in easy walking distance. Timeshare tax is due upon checkout. For more info see:
http://www.simpsonbayresort.com. $12,000 Mary-Beth 724-698-5896 marybeth.mccormack@gmail.com pl


SALE 2/16/2019 2/23/2019 Week 7 Simpson Bay Resort and Casino Marina building deluxe one bedroom with king bed and two twin murphy beds located near Marina pool/bar and beach. Unit has the only extra large terrace in the Marina building. This Week 7 often falls during the Washington's Birthday holiday week. $9,900.00 Rita (646)284-5217 rdk713@aol.com Posted 7-18.

SALE 2/16/2019 2/23/2019 Week 7 Belair Beach Resort Dutch side condo on Little Bay Beach 3rd floor directly on the Beach. Quiet location. Two BR, 2 BA with king size bed in master, double in 2nd BR w/access to private bath. Private Balcony overlooking Beach, Caribbean Sea and St. Bart’s. AC, fully equipped kitchen, dining room, living room has sleeper sofa. Sleeps 6 total. TVs in living room and master BR. In-room wifi. Reserve your own Free Beach Chair w/Umbrella for the week plus daily Free Beach Towels. Newly renovated since Hurricane Irma. Best Snorkeling on the Island in Little Bay. See www.belairbeach.com for great details. Why Rent this February when you can Buy and Own until 2091? $13,000 David 19788867611 davidfarzan@gmail.com Posted 10-18.

SALE 2/17/2019 3/3/2019 Week 7 and Week 8 Simpson Bay Resort Villa overlooking Simpson Bay for prime weeks. Master Suite plus Junior Lockout. Access to beach, pool, and restaurants. Close to airport. Sightseeing and Excursion trips available on site. Each week $13,000. Both for $24000 Jim lavelledad@aol.com Posted 11/18.

SALE 2/22/2020 3/14/2020 Weeks 8, 9, 10 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina Marina Building beautifully renovated central air-conditioned Penthouse 2-bedroom unit; sleeps 6. Master bedroom suite and second bedroom both have king bed, cable TV, large closet and combination safe. Bedrooms have private bathrooms, double sinks and large showers. Unit has modern kitchen and appliances. Living room has cable TV with separate dining area. Unit includes large terrace, lounge chairs for sunbathing, hot tub and stunning view of Simpson Bay. The covered terrace area includes wet bar, dining table and chairs. Unit provides reserved parking space nearby for easy access. This is your rare opportunity to acquire 3 prime time consecutive weeks. Week 8/$17,000; Week 9/$17,000; Week 10/$17,000 = $51,000 Rita (646) 284-5217 rdk713@aol.com Posted 2,19

SALE 2/22/2020 3/14/2020 Week 8, 9 and 10 The Villas at Simpson Bay Resort and Marina Both "A" and "B" sides. Sleeps 6. "A" side has full kitchen, dining area,living room (tv) with 2 Murphy beds, king bed in master(tv) and full size/double vanity bathroom. "B" side, aka Junior lockout, has 2 full beds(tv), full bath/double vanity, small kitchen with mini fridge, toaster, microwave and coffee maker. Each has own balcony overlooking Simpson Bay, where you can enjoy the Regatta. $23,500.00 per week Camille 540-207-0337 camijammer@aol.com Posted 3/19.

SALE 2/23/2019 3/2/2019 week 8 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina one-bedroom,first floor on the beach Flambouyant Building $8,000 for the week Larry 562-598-5444 CaptLarryV@aol.com Posted 4/18.

SALE 2/23/2019 3/2/2019 Week 8 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina Flamboyant bldg. directly on the beach. One bedroom, King master suite,sitting area, full bath,full kitchen,dining,livingroom couch chairs,also with Murphy beds to accommodate two more people. Full mattresses on Murphy beds, not thin as like on sofa beds. Two flat screen televisions ,bluray, AC throughout. Patio facing ocean, table chairs, lounger. Steps to beach and pool with swim up bar and restaurant. Property has many restaurants,casino,grocery,bakery,tennis courts,many pools,gym,shopping. White sandy beach with palapas and chairs.Sit and watch the Regatta from your patio, this is only one of 12, one bedrooms that are located directly on the beach. Walking distance to many off resort restaurants as well. $10,000.00 Karen 774-264-1267 Rinkydyl51@aol.com Posted 6-18.

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3/2/2019 3/9/2019 Week 9 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina 1 Bedroom 4th floor unit in the lower B building with outstanding views of the caribbean. Unit was completely renovated approximately 3 years ago with stainless appliances and granite countertops. Unit has Murphy beds in living room for additional sleep 2. Two flat screen TV's, DVD player, seating for 4 in dining area, and additional seating for 4 on the balcony. Upper B pool is directly behind this building. Excellent location on the resort. This week sometimes conincides with Regatta week. $12,000 Debbie 412-952-7577 d_henle@msn.com Posted 8-18.

SALE 3/9/2019 3/30/2019 13-Oct The Villas at Simpson Bay Resort Sleep 6, Floor 4, close to Marina building. Master suite can be used as sleep 4 with junior suite as lock off unit. Stay in one unit and rent out the other! Beautiful view of Simpson Bay with restaurants, jewelry store, casino, and grocery available on the resort and other restaurants available within walking distance. Balcony has full afternoon shade, perfect way to end your day on the beach. $17,000 per week Deborah 412-952-7577 d_henle@msn.com Posted 6/18.

SALE 3/9/2019 3/23/2019 weeks 10-11 Simpson Bay Resort & Marina One bedroom unit upper B building corner unit 4th floor. Two weeks same unit. Awesome view of Simpson Bay and great sunsets from deck. Recently renovated. Sleeps 4. King bed in private bedroom, 2 Murphy beds in living room. Fully equipped kitchen. $5000.00 per week Dick (847) 515-1384 lessnergpa34@aol.com Posted 11/18.

SALE 3/9/2019 3/23/2019 Week 10, Week 11 The Villas at Simpson Bay & Resort Master and Junior Suites: together accommodate 6 people. Master consists of a full kitchen with dining space, king size bed/master bedroom, 2 Murphy beds in the living room with flat screen TV, spacious bathroom with separate double vanity area. A beautiful deck overlooks Simpson Bay. Junior lockout suite (use or rent separately) has 2 full beds, a small kitchen, dorm size refrigerator, microwave, toaster, coffee maker. The bathroom is spacious with a separate double vanity area. All boat excursions are located onsite. $13,000.00 per week Rosanne 609-613-0728 mess113@yahoo.com Posted 1/'19.

SALE 3/10/2018 3/24/2018 Week 10 & 11 Flamingo Beach Resort Beach front resort overlooks Simpson Bay, 3rd floor. Sleeps 4 with divider for privacy, king bed & queen sleeper sofa. Full kitchen, 2 TVs, a great balcony with excellent views. Close to elevator. Short walk to restaurants, markets, shops & casino. Great for 2 consecutive weeks vacation. Prefers to sell both weeks at same time. $3500.00 per week Stella. 603-772-3062 sdscamman@comcast.net Posted 1-17.

SALE 3/10/2018 3/24/2018 Week 10 & 11 Royal Palm The Royal Palm Beach Resort. NOW SOLD ph

SALE 3/10/2018 3/17/2018 10 Divi Little Bay Beach resort, One bedroom luxury sleeps four, walking distance to Phillipsburg, multiple pools, restaurants convenience store, On site gym. $6,000.00 Mary 856-577-5822 marbar40@comcast.net Posted 4-2017.

SALE 3/10/2018 3/24/2018 10 and 11 Royal Palm 2 BR 2BA unit, fully furnished and equipped. Sleeps 6 with 2 king size beds and queen sleeper in living room. Three flat screen TVs and free WiFi There is a restaurant, mini market, gym, beauty salon and shops on site. Fantastic view of pool and beach from the 5th floor. Great location on Simpson Bay, short ride to airport, Marigot and Phillipsburg. Walking distance to many shops and restaurants. The island is half Dutch and half French, so you get to visit two cultures on one island. $2500.00/week or best offer Lynn. 703-623-2634 Bwsalesco@gmail.com Posted 6 '17


SALE 3/10/2018 3/17/2018 Week 10 Sapphire Beach Club Resort Two bedroom. Sleeps 6 using pull-out queen sleeper in the living room. Luxurious master bedroom has king-sized bed and adjacent marble bathroom. Unit has marble floors, fully equipped kitchen, a/c, cable, two flat-screen TVs, refrigerator w/icemaker, etc. Resort has pool, available computers and WiFi, restaurant/bar, fitness center, concierge/activity desk and car rental. Sapphire has its own beach and pool with lounge chairs. Convenient location on the Dutch side, but just a stone's throw from the French border, makes it an ideal location for day trips all over the island. Seeking immediate sale. Buyer pays transfer fees $1,000 Brook 410-491-9081 bbotvin@outlook.com Posted 2/18

SALE 3/11/2018 3/18/2018 Week 10 Flamingo Beach Resort Studio, Sunday to Sunday rental. Full kitchen, 2 T.V.s, pull out wall divider for privacy to sleep 4. 2 beaches, walk to restaurants, casino, stores. Recently renovated. Best offer over $ 2,000. Laina (401) 934-0550 until Sept. 26, 2017 & then after Oct. 4 (401) 934-2999 armacdonald6@gmail.com Posted 917

SALE 3/16/2019 3/23/2019 Week 11 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina This newly renovated 2 Bedroom Delux unit right on the Beach (Flamboyant) sleeps 6, has two bedrooms, two baths, wall safes in closets, kitchen, dining area, 2 Murphy beds, living room, free Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs, and two large balconies overlooking the beautiful Caribbean. Resort has restaurants, casino, gym, tennis courts, mini market, bakery, Olympic pool and swim up bar, Marina, water sports and a beautiful beach $21,000 Greg. 413-454-4548 glitt@comcast.net Posted 2/18.

SALE 3/16/2019 3/23/2019 week 11 Simpson Bay Resort & Marina Studio sleeps 2 Upper B Building. King size bed and full Kitchen. $2,000.00 Dick 847-515-1384 lessnergpa34@aol.com Posted 11/18.

SALE 3/17/2018 3/31/2018 Weeks 11 and 12 Flamingo Beach Resort NOW SOLD bk

SALE 3/16/2019 3/23/2019 11 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina This a one bedroom unit on an upper floor of the upper B building. (Bougainvillea bldg). It overlooks the B pool and has a spectacular view of the sunsets off the deck. it was recently updated and has a Murphy bed in addition to the main bedroom. Asking $8,000 Donna 865-458-0426 tbirdbill@yahoo.com Posted 8/18.

SALE 3/17/2018 3/31/2018 week 11 and 12 Atrium Resort 5th Floor studio,with ocean and lagoon view from spacious balcony. updated appliances and furnishings. $3000.00 per week or both weeks for $5000.00 Tom 203 361 6075 tsharp41@sbcglobal.net Posted 11-17.

SALE 3/17/2019 3/24/2019 week 11 Simpson Bay Resort & Marina Beaumontia building Second floor unit with stunning ocean views, easy walk to the beach, pools, grocery store, and restaurants. Enjoy spectacular sunsets as you casually dine outside and watch the cruise ships go by. This is a sleep four unit totally remodeled a few years ago. $6,800.00 Robert 603-358-6892 beauregard_r@msn.com Posted 2-18.

SALE 3/17/2019 3/24/2019 Week 11 Simpson Bay Resort Beautiful 1 Bedroom Deluxe Unit in Marina building. Beautiful views in a secure and relaxing resort with lots of activities. Priced for quick sale. 3500 Donna 315-592-1557 DBarnett@twcny.rr.com Rev 11/18

SALE 3/18/2018 3/31/2018 Week 11, Week12 Simpson Bay Resort Weeks 11 Sun-Sun & 12 Sat-Sat. Units are in B building, 4th floor-a few steps away from one another 1BR sleeps 4. King size bed in BR. Pull out couch in LR You have great sunset views of Simpson Bay from the balcony. Recently refurbished. Close to large pool with swim up bar. Resort has restaurants, deli, casino, beach. Week 11 or Week 12, $3800. Both weeks $6500. Also available for rental: $1500 each or $2500 for both Week 11- or Week 12 $3800, Both for $6500, Rental Week 11 or 12 $1500, Both for $2500 Bob 732 276 6520 fsfan@yahoo.com Posted 3-2017.

SALE 3/18/2018 3/25/2018 Week 11 Sunday/Sunday Royal Islander Club Laplage 2 Bedroom Antillean Unit, Fourth Floor Maho Side. Master bedroom has its own balcony, 2 full size beds in the back bedroom, living room sofa is a sleeper, balcony off the kitchen/living area, master has full bath with tub/shower and other bathroom has shower. Maintenance was $991 for 2017 Make an offer!!! 8500.00 obo Kim 203-948-6314 kimbyct@aol.com Posted 4-2017.

SALE 3/24/2018 3/31/2018 12 Diamond Flamingo Beach Front Studio , Ist floor on the beach! Unit 7136 - Beyond resturant no obstructed view Sleeps 4 . King bed & Queen pull out couch, 2 TVs, Full Kitchen, dining table, & front porch on the beach. Partition separates sleeping area from living room. Easy access to restaurants, grocery stores, Casino. Great beach. 3000.00 plus closing costs Larry 215-850-1408 lheller148@comcast.net Posted 5-17.

SALE 3/24/2018 3/31/2018 Week12 Atrium Resort Fixed week, condo # 503, 5th floor, beautiful ocean view no obstructions, sleeps 4 , Sale $1,500.00 Jim. 1-248-879-8636 jmoore181916@comcast.net Posted 6-17.

SALE 3/24/2018 3/31/2018 Week 12 The Towers at Mullet Bay Quiet 4-star Gold Crown Resort located between Maho and Cupecoy Beaches. Beautiful, extra-large, Ground Floor, one-Bedroom (Sleeps 4) deluxe Suite # 104. - Unit contains fully-equipped Kitchen, Microwave, Dining Area, Marble Bathroom, large Master Bedroom, and Living Area with Sofa Bed, TV, VCR, and CD Players. Resort overlooks beautiful outdoor Swimming Pool, Simpson Bay Lagoon, Marigot, and Point Pirouette. Resort contains immaculate well-kept Grounds housing Pool and Pool Bar (serving light Breakfasts and Lunches); and is within short walking distance to the only Golf Course on the Island and to Mullet Bay Beach. $7,500.00 Harold 732-278-7132 orthodoc1@optonline.net Posted July 2017.

SALE 3/25/2018 4/1/2018 Week 12 Simpson Bay Resort Sun to sunday check in. Marina bldg. Close to beach and pool. Covered parking, elevator conviently located. King bed, full bed, sleep 4, full kitchen, dining, sofa, desk, etc. granite counters, stainless appliances, luxury bathroom, rain shower. Steps to pool and beach. Priced to sell, make offer. $4,000.00 Karen 508-636-3926. 774-264-1267 Rinkydyl51@aol.com Posted 4-2017.

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SALE 4/1/2018 4/8/2018 13 Royal Islander Club la Plage (NOW SOLD) db

SALE 4/13/2019 4/20/2019 15 Simpson Bay Resort One bedroom on beach over looking Simpson Bay. Sleeps 4 6000 SAL 516-931-0661 CAPTSONNY2002@YAHOO.COM Posted 5/18.

SALE 5/9/2020 5/16/2020 19 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina One bedroom unit on 4th floor in the Marina building. Fully equipped with king bedand two Murphy beds in living room $5,500 Tom 920-450-3954 tom@tomharke.com Posted 9-18.

SALE 5/11/2019 5/18/2019 Week 19 Royal Islander Club La Plage Located on Maho Beach, the Dutch side of St. Maarten. This is a high demand week, Saturday to Saturday. The unit is a 1 bedroom unit facing beautiful gardens, the pool and beach. 1 king bedroom plus additional queen size sleeper sofa. The unit sleeps 4. Full kitchen and 1 bath. Decorated in island style. Walk to restaurants, shopping, casino and nightlife. Princess Juliana Airport is only minutes away. If interested, make us an offer. Rental ad posted for 2019. $3,500.00 OBO plus transfer fee. 3500 Carrie 972-467-5635 leecarrielewis@att.net Posted 12-18.

SALE 5/12/2018 5/19/2018 Week 19 The Towers at Mullet Bay Beautiful corner 1 bedroom unit. Overlooks Simpson Bay and ocean as well as property pool, college and gorgeous views. Full kitchen , new appliances and full bath. Lovely staff and close to shopping in Maho as well as casinos. Close to great restaurants and airport. Mullet Bay a short walk across the golf course. Very quiet and good week to relax. Sleeps 4 with queen bed in private bedroom and pull out couch in living room. Very roomy and clean. $5,000.00 Kelley. 240-490-6036 kl2358@comcast.net Posted July 2017.

SALE 5/19/2018 5/26/2018 Week 20 The Towers at Mullet Bay 1 Bedroom, 3rd Floor Unit, sleeps 4 and recently updated. Overlooks the Pool with Balcony off Living Area and small balcony off Bedroom. Has full Kitchen & Bath. Mullet Bay Beach is a quick walk over the Golf Course, and is near to Maho area with plenty of restaurants, shops , grocery store and Casino. $5000 negotiable per week Anne 516-431-2350 amreap@gmail.com Posted 8-17.

SALE 5/19/2019 5/26/2019 Week 20 Simpson Bay Resort Deluxe Studio; sleeps 4; lower "B" Building; end unit (B-202); full kitchen; gorgeous unobstructed ocean view; usually includes Memorial Day. $2,500.00 Elaine 412-980-5520 evigg208@aol.com Posted 8,2018.

SALE 5/25/2019 6/1/2019 Week 22 Royal Palm Beach Spacious 2 bedroom, sleeps 6 w/2 full baths, 3rd fl.in middle of every view overlooking swim up pool and beach. Sliding open glass wall window to every view. Views to die for Beautiful décor & furniture, dishwasher & safe.Views of yachts entering stunning Simpson Bay. Tile floors w/balcony. Amenities include free gym, free internet& free Laundromat. There is a salon, water sports, restaurant, 3 flat screen TV's, did player. More restaurants across the street, 5 min. from airport. $1,300.00 Teddy 510-601-1154 girlsrule5@earthlink.net Posted 2-19.

SALE 5/26/2019 6/2/2019 Week 21 Royal Islander Club La Plage NOW RENTED ll

SALE 6/1/2018 6/8/2018 week 22 Royal Palm Beach Resort Spacious 2 bedrm,sleeps 6 w/2 full tiled bath, 3rd fl. unit in middle of every view overlooking swim up bar, pool & beach. Beautiful decor. Large panormamic slide open wall windows. Opens up to ocean view. Views of yachts entering Stunning Simpson Bay. Tile floors w/balcony terrace. Amenities include free gym, free internet, free laundromat, salon, water sports, free safe, deli restaurant, 3 flat screens tv's, dvd. More restaurants across the street. 5 min. from airport. 1,350.00 Teddy 510-601-1154 girlsrule5@earthlink.net Posted 3-17.

SALE 6/9/2018 6/16/2018 Week 23 The Villas at Simpson Bay Resort Simpson Bay Resort Villas - Master and Junior Suites Lockout. Master Suite has separate BR with king-size bed, plenty of closet space, double sink bathroom, fully stocked kitchen, dining area, living room, two Murphy beds, large balcony with table and chairs overlooking Simpson Bay, Junior Suite has two double beds, kitchenette, double sink bathroom, plenty of closet space, and private balcony overlooking Simpson Bay. Also own same unit in weeks 24 and 25 which are also for sale. $19,000 per week John 207-651-5426 john@yrlgroup.com Posted Apr '18.

SALE 6/16/2018 6/23/2018 Week 24 The Villas at Simpson Bay Resort Simpson Bay Resort Villas - Master and Junior Suites Lockout. Master Suite has separate BR with king-size bed, plenty of closet space, double sink bathroom, fully stocked kitchen, dining area, living room, two Murphy beds, large balcony with table and chairs overlooking Simpson Bay, Junior Suite has two double beds, kitchenette, double sink bathroom, plenty of closet space, and private balcony overlooking Simpson Bay. Also own same unit in weeks 23 and 25 which are also for sale. $19,000 per week John 207-651-5426 john@yrlgroup.com Posted 4/18.

SALE 6/23/2018 6/30/2018 Week 25 The Villas at Simpson Bay Resort Simpson Bay Resort Villas - Master and Junior Suites Lockout. Master Suite has separate BR with king-size bed, plenty of closet space, double sink bathroom, fully stocked kitchen, dining area, living room, two Murphy beds, large balcony with table and chairs overlooking Simpson Bay, Junior Suite has two double beds, kitchenette, double sink bathroom, plenty of closet space, and private balcony overlooking Simpson Bay. Also own same unit in weeks 23 and 24 which are also for sale. $19,000 per week John 207-651-5426 john@yrlgroup.com Posted Apr 2018.

SALE 6/24/2018 7/1/2018 Week 25 Royal Islander Club la Plage NOW SOLD db

SALE 6/29/2019 7/6/2019 Week 26 La Vista Beach Ocean front, 2 bedroom unit w/balcony. Sleeps 6. 2 full bathrooms. Kitchen w/microwave, full fridge. TV, DVD, internet, no pets, no smoking.Also, due to the 2017 hurricane, you are entitled to 2 additional floating weeks, that can be used based upon availability. 1 through 2022 and the other through 2023. This is on top of the fixed week # 26 each year. $3,000.00 Gerry 732-682-9714 (U.S.) batmanr@aol.com Posted 1/19.

SALE 7/13/2019 7/20/2019 Weeks 28 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina This newly renovated 2 Bedroom unit right on the Beach (Flamboyant) sleeps 6, has two bedrooms, two baths, wall safes in closets, kitchen, dining area, 2 Murphy beds, living room, free Wi-Fi, flat screen TVs, and two large balconies overlooking the beautiful Caribbean. Resort has restaurants, casino, gym, tennis courts, mini market, bakery, Olympic pool and swim up bar, Marina, water sports and a beautiful beach. $14,000 Greg 413.454.4548 glitt@comcast.net Posted 2-18

SALE 7/20/2019 8/3/2019 Weeks 29-30 Simpson Bay Resort and Marina One bedroom Deluxe with King Size bed in the Marina building, newly renovated unit, full bath, fully equipped kitchen,dining room and large living room, 2 pull down Murphy beds, large screen tv, in room safe, patio overlooking panoramic Simpson Bay. Olympic size pool, with swim up bar. Tennis courts, bakery, casino, restaurants, Marina, water sports, shopping, beautiful beach. Week 29- $5,000 Week 30 $4,000 Greg. 413-454-4548 glitt@comcast.net Posted 2-18

SALE 7/14/2019 7/21/2019 WEEK 28 SIMPSON BAY RESORT AND MARINA One bedroom unit in the "B" building. Perfect view of the ocean with amazing sunsets. Unit sleeps 4. Independent bedroom with king sized bed and 2 Murphy beds in the living room. Extensive living and dining area with a fully equipped kitchen. Large balcony overlooking the ocean. Tv's, a/c, wifi is free and accessible throughout the room and resort. Location has easy access to beach, deli, casino, pools, water sports and restaurants. Less then 10 minutes from the airport. Asking $8,500 Peter 732-895-0578 hooch123@optonline.net Posted 9-18.


SALE 8/11/2018 8/18/2018 Week 32 Simpson Bay Resort Large sleep 6, 2 Bedroom / 2 Bath unit in the D building. AD CANCELLED, building destroyed by Irma.

SALE 8/24/2019 8/31/2019 34 Simpson Bay Resort & Marina Newly renovated one bedroom unit in the Marina building. Perfect view of Simpson Bay including sunsets. Unit sleeps 4 ~ Independent bedroom with King sized bed and 2 murphy beds in the living room. Extensive living and dining area with a fully equipped kitchen. Large balcony overlooking Simpson Bay. T.V., A/C, Wifi is free and accessible throughout the room and resort. Location is easy access to beach, deli, casino, pools, water sports and restaurants. Less than 10 minutes from the airport. $3,300 Frank 516-425-6714 f1leichtle@optonline.net Posted 1-19.

SALE 8/25/2018 9/1/2018 Week 34 Simpson Bay Resort & Marina Newly renovated one bedroom unit in the Marina building. Perfect view of Simpson Bay including sunsets. Unit sleeps 4 ~ Independent bedroom with King sized bed and 2 murphy beds in the living room. Extensive living and dining area with a fully equipped kitchen. Large balcony overlooking Simpson Bay. T.V., A/C, Wifi is free and accessible throughout the room and resort. Location is easy access to beach, deli, casino, pools, water sports and restaurants. Less than 10 minutes from the airport. Verified by Resort that Unit is available. $4,999 Frank 516-425-6714 f1leichtle@optonline.net Posted April, 2018.

SALE 9/14/2019 9/21/2019 37 SIMPSON BAY RESORT AND MARINA One bedroom unit in the "B" building. Perfect view of the ocean with amazing sunsets. Unit sleeps 4. Independent bedroom with king sized bed and 2 Murphy beds in the living room. Extensive living and dining area with a fully equipped kitchen. Large balcony overlooking the ocean. Tv's, a/c, wifi is free and accessible throughout the room and resort. Location has easy access to beach, deli, casino, pools, water sports and restaurants. Less then 10 minutes from the airport. Can be connected to lockout studio B257. Connected by inner lockable, stairway. Asking $6,500 for one bedroom. $4,700 for the studio. Together $10,200. $6,500 Peter 7328950578 hooch123@optonline.net Posted 9-18.

SALE 9/15/2018 9/22/2018 week 37 Simpson Bay Resort & Marina studio that sleeps 2- a/c, wifi is free and accessible throughout the room and resort. location is easy access to beach, deli, casino, pools, water sports and restaurants. less than 10 minutes from the airport. $2,000 or b/o Peter, 732-895-0578 hooch123@optonline.net Posted 7-17.

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SALE 11/17/2018 11/24/2018 46 Divi Little Bay Studio Luxury (one bedroom, bath, kitchen, lounge, patio), sleeps 4. Building 10E, first floor. Breath taking views overlooking Philipsburg, Great Bay. Contract requires maintenance to be paid only when you use the week. $5,500 Andy 1-289-723-1450 gough_andy@yahoo.com Posted 11-17.

SALE 11/17/2018 11/24/2018 46 La Vista Beach Resort Beachfront 2-Bedroom, 2-Bath, 2nd floor end unit sleeps six with full kitchen(no DW), stainless steel appliances, microwave, master bedroom with king size bed/full bath, 2nd bedroom with 2-twins & access to 2nd full bath, dining/living room combo with queen size sofa bed. There is a room safe, WiFi and three flat screen TVs. From your porch you'll see the pool, the beach and one of the most beautiful views found on SXM. Ocean view restaurant on site with restaurants, grocery stores, casinos and other beaches within walking distance. There is daily maid service (towels, trash) and a great resort staff. $10,500 Polly 239-691-8496 dragonflynursery@gmail.com Posted 7-18.

SALE 11/23/2019 12/7/2019 Weeks 47 & 48 Sat. to Sat. Simpson Bay Resort and Marina Don't waste a day moving--stay in the same Unit for 2 weeks--Hard to find. Sleep 4 Studio in lower "B" Building, 1st floor, parking at your front door. Close to 2 pools, short walk to beach, Casino, Deli and many restaurants. Week 47 usually occurs during Thanksgiving Week. Both weeks $7000.00, will not sell separately. MF paid for 2019, ready for your November arrival! $7000.00 for both weeks, will not separate Carol 631-724-7036 Genduff@aol.com Posted 1-19.

  St. Maarten & St. Martin Villas for Rent (new)

(Chronological Order )

5/1/2018 5/1/2019 Dutch Side - Villa Salon This beautiful Villa sits on a hill in Pelican Key on the Dutch side of the island just 10 minutes from the airport. Renovated since Irma, it has a beautiful private pool surrounded by privacy walls yet has open views of the ocean. Three bedrooms with a full bath for each room makes this the ideal place for family and friends to enjoy a wonderful vacation on the island. Simpson Bay with many restaurants, casinos, shopping and beaches is located within a 2 minute drive or a short walk.This villa features a vaulted main living room with floor to ceiling sliding glass doors that provide ocean views from many angles. The living space extends to a very private patio with built-in pool, a great place to end up after a day at the beach. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/23269844?s=1 High Season $225/night Low Season $160/night Shari 631-332-6819 gcims@aol.com Posted 4/18

6/9/2018 5/31/2019 Dutch Side - Sunny Palm - I know many of you like myself have temporarily lost the use of your timeshare properties. I do have a lovely 2 bedroom 2-1/2 bathroom condo located at the end of Simpson Bay Beach. The property has a courtyard, it is walled / gated and includes a covered garage for your vehicle. Email me for photos. Rates range from $144 to $229 per day depending on time of year. Minimum 3 night stay. Discounts will apply to weekly and monthly rentals. Bryan 603-735-5468 or 603-454-5468 sunnypalm@caribserve.net Posted 4/18

12/1/18 – 11/30/2019 Pelican Key/Simpson Bay Villa for rent -- Island Dreams, Coral Shores Villas Perfect 2 Bedroom, 2 bath very spacious, 2,000. Sq. Ft. open, bright, clean and comfortable villa with a huge private wraparound deck overlooking the unobstructed ocean view, sunsets or sailboats going by; large pool with steps into the sea for swimming, snorkeling or paddle boarding; parking for 2 cars, king beds in both bedrooms, master bedroom with ensuite bath and private deck access, living room with large screen TV (Netflix, International cable channels included), unit wide A/C and ceiling fans in every room; interior dining area and seating; large kitchen with all needed to cook up a storm; 24/7 reliable and fast Wifi in villa and on the deck; books, DVD's and CD library; separate laundry room with washer and dryer; outdoor shower; spacious and secure closets; maid service provided. Located on quiet residential area within easy access to all nightlife, shopping, restaurants, etc. For pictures, complete villa information, availability, 37 5 star reviews and rates, please contact me at canadared@aol.com. Posted 10-18.

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