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Credit Card & Paypal Return Policy

JMB Communications Credit Card and PayPal Return Policy

Credit Card and PayPal Return Policy

JMB Website Supporters Memberships & Merchandise: JMB Website Supporters is the membership organization affiliated with our "Everything SXM™" website that provides travel-related discounts and benefits to members. JMB Communications accepts credit card payments by phone, mail, fax, and PayPal® for memberships and membership renewals.

Since memberships (upon approval) provide immediate access to our members-only website and all its benefits, and such access can not be "returned," JMB Website Supporters memberships are not typically refundable transactions. Nonetheless, requests for refunds are reviewed individually. If refunds are issued, they are subject to an administrative fee of $25.

Unauthorized Use of Password: If any member's Secret Site access password is used by unauthorized third parties, JMB reserves the right to terminate the membership without refund. No member is ever authorized to "lend" secret site access information to anyone other than his/her spouse or partner, for any reason.

Updated April 9, 2015 and 12/11/2023

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